I saw this quote today and it made me smile. I’m definitely an outdoor girl. After being ‘grounded’ yesterday, today it was lovely to be out and about again.

Dropped The Comedy Car off at the garage. Picked up The Buddymobile instead. Grateful that I have alternative transport – even if it’s a bit more of a challenge to park.

After meetings and cracking through my to-do list, I sat on the conservatory steps to drink my coffee. There was some warmth in the sun but the wind had some bite to it still. It filled my soul, that’s for sure.

I headed to the yard to meet a friend and her two daughters. They wanted to see Buddy. They helped me poo-pick his field (child labour at its finest). Gave him a lovely groom. Then came for a wander with us round the field. So lovely to be able to share my love of horses with them.


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