Sweet treat

I was given a sweet treat today while I was peopling. One of the clients brought in a crème egg for us all. Very sweet indeed.

For many years, I found crème eggs too sweet. But they’ve either changed the recipe or my tastes have changed, cause this one wasn’t too bad.

It reminded me of having to order enough crème eggs for people at Aviva when we did the name change. We had the idea of ‘how do you wear yours?’ to encourage people to switch their security pass to the new branding. It worked as we didn’t have many passes or eggs left.


John Wayne

Buddy had his first bath of the year. He needed it after our rather intense lesson. One of us was a tad fresh and one of us had to do a lot of sitting trot. I’ll let you guess who was who.

Let’s just say Buddy was still in XC mode. Now as much as it’s good to have forward, we also need rideability. There’s always a balance to be struck.

Still we got some wonderful trot work by the end of the lesson. I may be walking like John Wayne tomorrow. Definitely found new muscles. There are some times when I wish I could have a bath too. At least the hot shower helped.


I’m a big fan of a cracking photo. Especially one of Buddy in full flight. I’ve bought one or two (hundred) over the years. There’s a reason.

I don’t have many photos of my first horse Mac. In fact I only have a handful. And no footage. I had him in a time where we didn’t record every minutia of our lives. Some may say it was a simpler life. We lived with the jeopardy of sending a roll of film away to be developed. You could get a masterpiece. More likely you’d get a packet of blurry images. We were busy making memories to think about recording it.

So when I bought Murphy, I said I was going to document our journey together. I’m grateful to have professional photos of my horses. And videos too.

When I’m feeling down, I sit and relive the memories we’ve made together. When I’m struggling to see my achievement, I look at the Wall of Fame and I remember I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

So I had to buy this photo from Sunday’s clinic. I really need to work on my jumping face…

Good news, bad news

It’s been a good news, bad news kinda day. But some days go like that, right?! Is that what they mean by balance?

The Buddymobile is back! That’s very good news! Bad news, the bill. But it drives so much better. The mechanic joked I was going to need a crash helmet it would go that fast. He wasn’t kidding, I felt like Ayrton Senna driving back compared to before.

I was meant to be giving blood but bad news, they missed my vein so I couldn’t donate. Good news, I got an email offering me a place at a training camp in May.

Bad news, the weather has turned colder again. My fault, I foolishly changed my duvet to a lighter one. Good news, I have a Dodo shaped hot water bottle tonight.


I didn’t sleep very well last night. My brain was swirling. I haven’t had that sort of night for a while. I did a meditation before bed that stirred things up for me. Very odd as they usually send me to sleep.

As such I overslept. Not the best start to the week. So I decided a bit of self-care was in order. I finished up a few bits of work, then popped out into the garden to do a bit of weeding. At lunchtime, I headed to the conservatory to bask in the sunshine.

It was fresh outside, but it was toasty in there. It felt so good to feel the sun on my face.

Knight with shiny trailer

I was booked onto a XC clinic today. But The Buddymobile is still at the garage. Thankfully my friend became my knight with shiny trailer as she offered to take us.

It was at another new venue for us. I was a little apprehensive to start off with as our last XC outing wasn’t the best. After a shaky star t and a bit of a peptalk, we were soon flying (in a good way). And finished on a really good note.

It was very undulating, so felt wonderful to let Buddy gallop between the fences. We conquered tyres (Buddy’s nemesis) and even ended up giving another combination a lead up and down the steps.

We’ve got a 8 weeks till the Champs, so lots of training and competition on the cards for us.

Layer on, later off

I saw this quote and it seemed quite apt for today. I’ve been like some sort of equestrian Karate Kid today. Layer on, layer off, layer on, layer off.

Throw the wind into the mix and it was a bit of a challenge getting the wheelbarrow to the muck heap without the contents blowing off. So then it was sweep the yard, sweep the yard, sweep the yard, sweep the yard.

Constant companion

Flying visit to Suffolk to see a friend on his birthday. It was lovely to see everyone. Bailey was very happy to see his Auntie Pip. He’s my constant companion when I’m there.

In fact, he nearly came home with me as he got in the Comedy Car when I was going to leave. Guess it must be my animal magnetism…

Unlucky for some

Spotted this hare’s foot hanging from the top of a hedge while out hacking. You can see how high it is so guessing a bird of prey left it there.

Very unlucky for the hare. Got me thinking, why are rabbits and hares feet considered lucky?!

I have a Joules soft toy hare on The Buddymobile keys. For luck wherever we go. Wouldn’t say it’s always worked. I have a rather large bill coming my way from the garage.

But I consider myself very lucky to have my own transport. I love being able to get out and about with Buddy.

Wacky Races

The Buddymobile needed to go into the garage today. As the garage is about a 40 mins drive away, I needed a lift back. So Colette followed me in The Comedy Car.

Let’s face it neither of my vehicles are designed for speed. But it did make me laugh seeing The Comedy Car in my wing mirror.

It reminded me whacky races as we drove along. I do love both of them though. You can’t help smile in both.