Birthday gifts

Buddy was super generous with his birthday gifts to me. Thankfully all of the other gifts I received we less pungent and much more thoughtful.

I’ve had a lovely day and have felt very loved indeed. I’ve been treated to a lovely dinner. Now tucked in bed ready for an early start. Tomorrow I’m grooming at The Suffolk. I do love the smell of show shine in the morning….


Around the sun

Tomorrow I turn 53. I’ve packed a lot into the latest spin around the sun. I’ve done things I never thought I would. I’ve created a successful business. I’ve made more memories. There have been disappointments and drama too.

I’ve tried to live my life to the fullest. To be a kind, caring and loving person. To help others where I can. To make a life that I’m proud of. And be a person to be proud of too!

I think I’ve done that. And will continue to do so. One thing’s for sure, I’m nowhere near done!

I spotted this beautiful iris today. It made me smile. As did the people I saw today. Thank you for helping me start my birthday celebrations.

Here’s to another year…


Another full on day stewarding the SJ today at Blackwater Farm’s ODE. The power of the clipboard was in full force again.

So many lovely people who were grateful for my efforts. It’s so nice when people say thank you. Without volunteers, these events couldn’t run.

A couple of grumpy ones, but that’s life. I may have suggested that they volunteer next time to see how difficult a job it actually is.

I did the best I could to get everyone through as quickly as possible. Challenging when we had delays from the dressage. And then another hold up when a loose horse decided to come and join the party.

As a ‘professional organiser’ I was in my element. The fact I was over-sugared probably helped. Still for the most part, everyone had a good day. And that’s what matters.

Next time, I’m aiming to be a competitor so will definitely say thank you to the volunteers.

Steam power

I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts recently. The comedown from camp and the Champs I guess. It’s been a busy few weeks for me. And Buddy. So a lovely hack round Brampton was just what I needed.

Katie and I chatted the whole way round.

Got back to the yard and got to watch a number of stream engines from the annual rally down the road go past. They’re really rather cool. One even tooted for me. It’s a lovely sight each year.


After having 4 days off, it felt very good to be back behind my favourite ears. It was too nice not get out and stretch his legs after a busy few weeks.

On the way back, we pulled over to let a car pass us. The driver wound down her window and told me how envious she was of me getting to ride such a beautiful horse on a beautiful afternoon.

And beautiful it was.

Birthday nibbles

It’s Buddy’s birthday. He’s a teenager now at the ripe old age of 13! Let’s hope we get more maturity and he doesn’t embrace his inner ‘Kevin’.

I got him a massage for his birthday. Auntie Sam came to see him. I also got him some birthday nibbles. He was very appreciative of the nibbles and his massage. Well apart from his rather tight hamstrings.

Given the amount of work and travelling he’s done recently, I’m hardly surprised. I was expecting more tight spots. I’m pretty sure I have a few more than he does.


Someone is enjoying his well earned time off. It’s been such a gorgeous day. It must have felt good for him to have the sun on his back. I really enjoyed it too as popped to check in on him.

Of course, the downside is that it made me rather hesitant to leave and head back to my office. It was so tranquil at the yard. I love sitting with Buddy and just being in his space. It’s such a special feeling.


As I was on the phone today, I watched this little chap wander across the garden. He stopped a few times snooping around. Very brave of him. Having said that, Dodo was asleep in the conservatory with me. And Hugo was galavanting.

Little things like this make me happy I live in the countryside.


I love a hoodie. And I especially love this hoodie as it has Buddy’s name on it. It had to be done, we may never reach another Champs. Now I have another memento from the experience.

Don’t worry, there will be official photos too. I’m seriously going to need a bigger house soon for all the photos!! I need to order the ones from my photo shoot last week too.

Think we’re both feeling the past week. We’ve achieved so much together. Buddy’s getting some well deserved time off. And I’m back to the laptop.

May has been a fantastic month so far. Still got lots of fun things to go. Oh and my birthday. Did I mention it’s nearly my birthday…?

Have fun

Back home after a brilliant weekend away with Buddy at the Champs (see my other post for how that went).

This fence made me smile. I said I was going to have fun. And whatever else happened was a bonus. Well we certainly had fun together.