Testing times

The world feels rather odd again. Lots of uncertainty about. Changes afoot. And confusion around. I’m getting used to it as it feels like a bit of an undertone for the past few years.

The parental tag-team is on again. My Dad is poorly at the moment. So all healing vibes gratefully received.

One thing that never changes is the smile Buddy puts on my face. Especially after popping some jumps in the Autumn sunshine.

Shedding season

And so it begins! Buddy’s summer coat has blown. Spent ages grooming him today and there’s still a ton more to come out. He is officially moulting. Which means it won’t be long till he needs clipping.

I’m going to go through his rugs this weekend and work out what’s what. Last winter he trashed a few so not sure what’s good and what needs fixing. Good job I’m handy with a sewing needle.

There’s something very satisfying about fixing something. And stripping his coat. Reckon I’ve got enough to stuff a small cushion.


The twig burner has been called into action today. It’s been rather cold. And it seems I have one too!

Woke up feeling rather under the weather (where does that phrase come from?!). Still managed to get stuff down but at a slightly slower pace. Blooming germs. I really don’t like being ill. Thankfully it’s just a cold so will pass soon.

At least the twig burner has made my little house feel toasty, cozy and warm. And that makes me very happy.

Rose to the occasion

Took my friend Colette over to Peter Beales Roses for her birthday outing. We had a lovely lunch, then wandered round the garden and garden centre.

It was a bit chilly, but we managed to avoid the showers. Lots of the roses may have gone over, but there was still a lot to see.

As a child, I was brought up with birthday outings. I’m so glad that I can continue this tradition with my friends too.

I miss shoe

Now I’m no farrier, but I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be on your hoof Buddy. He pull this off doing his pre-lorry warm up, which included laps of his field and throwing some rather interesting shapes.

It did mean that we headed over to High Ash this morning with 3 shoes.

Thankfully it came off cleanly and my farrier was able to come and put it back on again this afternoon. So that was good.

In the gutter

Took my life in my own hands today. And that’s saying something as an equestrian.

I could hear a dripping when I was in my office. Never a good sound. After walking round the house trying to find it. I headed outside as I wondered if the gutter was blocked.

Yup! It’s not coped well with the volume of rain. Cue me up a ladder clearing moss from the gutter. Got rather wet, rather mucky and nearly fell off twice (the rungs were rather wet).

Adulting is so much fun sometimes. There’s still a lot of moss on the roof. So added that to the long list of things that need sorting. Fear not, I’ll get a professional for that!!

Pumpkin patch

Well considering as I woke up feeling a bit pants, I ended up doing quite a lot today. I feel like I’m getting a cold. You know the thing – scratchy throat and feeling like you’ve been punched in the sinuses. Great!

Good job that I had an unexpected free day. So spent it pottering and ticking things off my ever growing to-do list.

Anyone else’s garden gone a bit bonkers?! My lawns have gone from crispy to overgrown in the space of a few weeks. So I got the mower out for the first time in what feels like ages.

Lots of my plants have had major growth spurts and are starting to reflower. They’re as confused as I am by the weather it seems.

My pumpkins are excelling! And spreading all over the driveway. So far I’ve counted 6 and lots of flowers. Pumpkins make me feel very Autumnal.

I see ewe

Another first for us today as we took a trip over to Ickworth Park for a XC lesson. My sat nav decided to take us on the most convoluted route possible and right through the middle of Bury Sy Edmunds. That got a few looks from passers-by I can tell you.

Arrived later than planned so had to do a speedy tack up and get on. Good job I can tack up fast!

Once onboard, we headed out to our lesson. Buddy was a bit eyes on stalks to start off with. But soon got into the swing of things. Thankfully he doesn’t have an issue with sheep. Cause they were everywhere!!

After a steady warm up, and a stirrup length adjustment, we headed out onto the course proper. Something clicked! And I don’t mean my back. The new strirrup length meant I could get my leg on and control the canter so much better.

There was lots to look at. And the sheep were another obstacle at times. But I really felt like we got our XC mojo back!

Came back with the biggest smile on my face!

Friday feeling

Well this is a view I haven’t had for a while. I’ve been so busy recently that it feels like ages since we went out for a hack round Strumpshaw. It was much needed indeed.

We even had a cheeky canter as the ground is perfect at the moment. That’s something we haven’t been able to do for ages either as the ground has been too hard. If the rain continues, it’ll be too slippery.

Honestly, people wonder why us Brits are obsessed with the weather. It’s cause its so changeable. At this time of year, it feels like four seasons in one day. It’s definitely four outfits too as I feel like I’m layering on and off.

Thatch the way

Check out this stunning location I went to today for a client meeting. It’s an old farm building that’s been turned into offices.

I’m so thankful that I get to go to different locations and do so many different things with my business. And my life.

The older I get, the more I crave experiences and memories rather than material stuff. I love the life I’ve created. Don’t get me wrong, I have my challenges, stresses and disappointments. But I’m grateful for every lesson, opportunity and challenge.