Littlest hobo

So I arrived home around the same time that my Dad did. Different homes of course. But at least he’s home. And so am I. Well kinda. I’m dog-sitting for some friends for the next week. So living out of a suitcase for a bit longer.

I had a very smooth journey home (not something you can always say when the M25 is concerned). The kittens were very happy to see me. As was Buddy. It’s always nice to be missed.

I’m pooped. It’s been a few full on days. Again. I shall definitely sleep well tonight.


So there seems to be a bit of a reoccurring theme when I visit my parents. I either forget something. Or need to buy more of something. The latter is usually due to the fact I’m not totally sure how long I’m going to be here. The former can come from the speed with which I need to get here.

This is today’s purchase. Yup, guess who forget the phone charger?! I have a car one, but that means sitting in the car while it charges. Fine yesterday when I took Dad to the hospital. But sadly no trips today as Dad is in for another night.

At least I can charge my phone. And I won’t miss the bright orange charger next time. Or that’s the hope!

Long Johns

Well I’m back in Haywards Heath with my parents. Dad fancied a sweet treat after our dinner. So picked these. Never heard of Long Johns as a dessert.

They were really yummy. Very similiar to an eclair. I will now expect to see these on Bake Off of course. Not that I know where to start making one.

Kitten in a basket

So yesterday Hugo claimed my new barrow in a box. Today saw Dodo claim the log basket while I was waiting for the rain to stop so I could fill it.

Made me smile as it’s the perfect size for him. Of course if it was actually a cat basket, he wouldn’t want to know. I‘m not sure I’ll ever understand cat logic.

Barrow in a box

Had to go out to buy more dry cat food. Came back with a new wheelbarrow. As you do!

To be fair, I’ve wanted to get a new barrow for a while now. Not for the garden, but for the yard / Buddymobile. It does make camps so much easier having a wheelbarrow. And will be a massive help mucking out.

Hugo instantly claimed it. Of course. The issue I now have is do I put it together at home and run the risk that I can’t get it in the Comedy Car…?! I suppose I‘m close enough that I could push it to the yard. That could be fun!

Never shop hungry

This is exactly why they say you should never shop hungry!! My eye test took so long that I needed snacks afterwards.

Somehow managed to spend £38 in Poundland. I wasn’t sure that was possible. Now I know it’s been a while since I’ve been to Poundland, but it needs to rename ‘Not so Poundland’! There wasn’t much in there that was a pound. Another victim of inflation I guess.

Good news! My eyes are OK for another year. I could get the prescription upped but they don’t really need it. Got very confused when the lady told me that it’s more cost effective to get a new pair of glasses than replace the lenses in the ones I have. Not sure how that helps sustainability and all that. Well apart from my old glasses could be donated to another country. Still feels a bit odd.

Little and large

Buddy and I headed down to meet up with a friend and her new pony Mick. He’s super cute! But tiny compared to Buddy.

They were both hoof-perfect. And firm friends by the end of the hack. We didn’t stop talking the whole way round either.

Given I felt quite down when I woke up this morning. This was the perfect tonic.


Today has been a day of reflection. First looking at the magazine I recently delivered to see what improvements could be made to the process. Then looking at the conference I worked at to see what could be done better next year.

Sometimes it really does pay to look back at what worked, what didn’t and what could be even better.

I’ve done that a lot in my life, my career and definitely with horses. There’s always room for improvement.

Clipboard power

Now those of you who know me well, know I love a clipboard. So this afternoon I was in my element with an A3 one!!

I was stewarding at Carleton Riding Club’s last show of 2022. We started behind, but soon caught up time. And even ended early! I feel that I ran a rather tight ship. Thankfully all of the competitors and horses were happy to be yelled at by me. It seems my voice carries across the warm up rather effectively.

Of course, I’d rather be competing. But this was the next best thing today. Well done everyone.