What a difference a day makes! After the howling gales yesterday, today was much calmer.

Buddy and I headed over to Blickling to meet up with Katie and Archie. She treated me to lunch afterwards. I’ve been making a real effort with my fuelling lately. I took a Huel shake with me yesterday for after my lesson. And again today. But let’s face it, a cheese and tomato toastie and a hot chocolate is much better than a shake!



So it seems that in order to get the best from Buddy, I have to ride in howling winds.

We had an early lesson with Simon Grieve this morning. When I left the yard, it wasn’t too bad but by the time I arrived at the venue, it was howling. Nearly got taken out opening the gate. Parked up the lorry and it was rocking. Then got blown off the mounting block. I know there’s not much of me, but seriously?!

Still I’d made it there so we gave it a go. Started with poles and worked on adjusting the canter. Simon put out two poles and gave me the number of strides to get between then. It’s hard for Buddy as he can get a bit strung out, so a great exercise for us. One I need to repeat at home.

A few of the jumps had blown over, so Simon secured one with some sandbags. Pretty sure that’s a first for me. But it worked. And we got to have a play over the jump.

Buddy was awesome! He was so chilled considering it was really strong gusts! He was focused. The drive back wasn’t too bad either. So seems it was definitely worse at the coast.


I saw this and it made me smile. Buddy and I did that this morning on yet another wind-assisted hack. It’s a good job he’s not that bothered by the wind. Of course a piece of flapping plastic on the ground – terrifying!!

I was feeling slightly jaded after a weird night. Woken up by cat wails in the early hours. Jumped out of bed to find the big ginger cat in my conservatory fighting with a tabby. Assumed it was Dodo and tried to break it up. They both ran out the cat flap and carried on fighting on the lawn. 😱

Dodo is so small next to the ginger Tom, I honestly thought it would kill him. So rushed out there calling and calling as they both ran off.

Came back in the house to get treats to find Dodo sat on my office chair!

I know I was very bleary eyed but I’m still not sure who was fighting in my conservatory!! All I know is my heart rate went up and there was enough cat fur to fill a cushion!!

Why don’t people neuter their pets?! It’s usually caused by intact males. And yes, I’m going to get a trap set to catch the ginger one. Hopefully he’ll be microchipped.


Buddy has a new favourite spot to shelter from the wind and the rain. He’s a very happy boy there.

Of course I had a minor heart attack when I couldn’t see him in his field. Then his little head popped up from behind the brambles.

He definitely had the right idea though. The weather was beyond weird. Still we managed to avoid the rain showers and pop a few jumps in the sunshine.

Blustery day

Well my plans were blown away today as it’s been a very blustery here.

Pretty sure Buddy was trying to convince me that the wind blew the wheelbarrow and tools over.

Pity I saw him knock them all over. He gave me a much needed laugh today. He’s such a curious little boy. Likes to check everything out.

Singing in the rain

Buddy and I headed out for a wind assisted hack this morning. It was a tad blustery! Met up with Lottie and Mick again.

Buddy was rather happy to find some haylage while we were waiting. Then he and Mick had a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moment with it. It was super cute. Buddy looks like a giant next to him.

On the way back, the heaven’s opened. Made me think of the film ’Singing in the Rain’ as Buddy splashed through the puddles.

As luck would have it, it was on the TV this afternoon. So I sang along with it while I pottered around the house. It’s such a wonderful film. I do love a bit of Gene Kelly. It was a very different age. So glamorous. Perhaps we should all randomly burst into song…

Wind assisted

I had a rather windy lesson today. It was hard to hear Lewis at times. Thankfully Buddy wasn’t too bothered by it. Well for the most part.

I’ve entered some Arena Eventing so today we jumped a mix of show jumps and more XC style ones. He set up a corner and some cool lines.

Couple of interesting moments. Particularly when the green astroturf flapped while we were jumping a rather large oxer. I definitely got impulsion! Perhaps we need to wind assisted more often!


Another miserable day today. Took the lorry out to pick up a wardrobe for a friend this morning. That was a bit hairy at times. So decided to hunker down for the rest of the day and catch up on the curling finals.

Blimey, what incredible matches. It seems harsh to say I’m disappointed for the men. They still got silver in the Olympics. But so close to a gold. As for the ladies, what a match!

Curling is one of those weirdly addictive sports. I can’t say I totally understand it. But the kittens and I enjoyed it. Well I’m sure they would have had they not been snoring. At least it drowned out the sound of the rain and wind.

Roll on Summer and complaining about being too hot and biting things. We Brits love the weather!

Storm Eunice

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent most of the day watching the weather change. It’s been howling most of it. In between sunshine, rain, hail and black skies.

My little house has been creaking. The conservatory sounded like it was going to take off at one point. Thankfully it’s all still standing so far.

After Storm Dudley yesterday, Storm Eunice was much fiercer. They sound like an old couple who’ve had a tiff! Dudley gave his best, but my god Eunice has had the last word!

Hope you’re all safe.

Long wait

The last time this happened was nearly 6 years ago. And we were both riding different horses. It was worth the wait though. Lovely hack out with Colette and Sky today.

It was very, very windy. My new coat passed with flying colours (flying was right at points as everything was flapping in the wind). I was very toasty indeed. Thankfully we missed the rain too.