Little and large

Buddy and I headed down to meet up with a friend and her new pony Mick. He’s super cute! But tiny compared to Buddy.

They were both hoof-perfect. And firm friends by the end of the hack. We didn’t stop talking the whole way round either.

Given I felt quite down when I woke up this morning. This was the perfect tonic.

Two chocs

Headed over to meet a friend for an early morning ride around Blickling. It’s fast becoming one of my favourite places to take Buddy. Another thing that could become a favourite is a National Trust hot chocolate. Oh my goodness! We both had one when we got back to warm up.

I’m so grateful to have my own transport, a horse who loads and travels well and friends to ride with.


Well I can now reveal that I’ve been working on the Hoseasons Owners Conference for my amazing friend Simon.

I’ve know Simon a very long time and have heard all about ‘conference’ over the years. So to be asked to be a tiny part of it, is a huge honour.

Seeing Simon command the stage was wonderful too. Not that I got to see much of the conference as I was too busy running around behinds the scenes.

My feet ache, my face aches but I’m so happy. It’s been an amazing experience so far. Now for dinner and awards.

The Rescuers

Today has been one of my more random days. I got an early morning SOS from a friend asking to borrow me and the Buddymobile. She needed to urgently move some furniture. It reminded me of the Disney film ‘The Rescuers’. I used to love that film.

I found out today that I would make a good removal person. It’s amazing how much I can get in my little lorry. I also found out that some roundabouts are poorly designed for lorries. Managed to clip a curb and pulled a bit off the lorry. Stuck it back on with some tape – ever practical!

I got my rewards for helping today though. I had lunch bought for me. On the way back, I went to Tesco’s to put some diesel in the lorry. When I arrived at the pump it said it was doing a price update. So I waited fearing the worst. But it went down by 2p per litre.

And when I dropped my lorry off for fixing, it was chucking it down. So I was given a lift back to the yard to pick up my car. Very kind of them. Today may have been random, but it’s been a good one!

Another little outing

Buddy and I headed over to Blickling Estate NT today to meet my friend Katie and Archie for a long hack. Felt very autumnal today as so many of the leaves are turning.

We met up with another friend Maria and her dogs on our way back as she’d come to find us.

Great to catch up with them both. Even better to have a spot of lunch in the sunshine.

I do love our little outings. I’m so grateful for the Buddymobile. I love being able to get out and about. Blickling is so beautiful. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to ride round.

Roses are red

Took Katie over to Peter Beales Roses for a spot of lunch and a wander round the rose garden. Saw this sign hidden away. It’s very true for me. Roses are my favourite flowers.

They’re so versatile and give colour all years rounds. There were lots that had gone over but I still find the hips beautiful.

I’m an English Rose. And I’m pretty versatile. I’ll let you decide if I give colour all year round.

Soul time

My amazing friend Katie has come to visit this weekend. It’s been great showing her my part of the world. We walked down to the yard so she could meet Buddy. He gave her a good sniff and said hello. He’s heard a lot about her. And her him so lovely for them to meet each other.

After chatting most of the day and putting the world to rights, we headed to The Cantley Cock for dinner. Proper pub grub. Stuffed now!

Super sub

Only just recovered from the football yesterday. What a final and an achievement. Today I got to be a super sub myself. My chiro’s receptionist is poorly, so I went in to cover for her. It’s so much fun ‘peopling’ on a Monday. I’m back tomorrow too. I love talking to everyone.

After finishing, I head over to catch up with a friend for more chatting, considerably more eating and yet more chatting.

This was my view as I waited for her. It was so still and peaceful.

Cloud cover

Popped over to catch up with a friend today. As it was dry, we took her dogs out for a walk. The clouds were so pretty today. They made me smile. I know I’ve said it before, but I love Norfolk skies.

Then I took Buddy out for a hack. We stopped to watch a Marsh Harrier sweeping across the wheat. It was quite magical as we were the only people in sight…

Awesome foursome

Today saw the return of the Awesome Foursome. My hacking partner has been on holiday and Buddy’s been out of action, so it’s been a while since we hacked out. But this was very good for the soul. Lots to catch up on as we wandered about.

We even faced the ’waterer of doom’ on the way back. It makes quite a noise as it clicks round. The boys were incredibly well behaved.

Oh and it’s good to know that my
Hi-Viz is super bright! You ain’t missing us!!