I’ve felt very unsettled today. And quite emotional. I know what’s going on so that’s good. I’m working through some deep rooted stuff. Always exhausting. So I did what I always do when I don’t know what to do. I went to see Buddy and took him out for a hack.

That was after I put the magazine I’ve been working on to bed. A phrase I love on many levels. I think it’s so cute that it goes to bed. Not a clue where it comes from. Probably something to do with the old printing presses having beds where the typeset sat. Anyway it always makes me smile. As does finishing the magazine.

Buddy may have bitten off more than he could chew on our hack today. Even when I’m feeling low and emotional, he lifts my mood and makes me laugh. Although he did look like a redneck with cleaver hanging from his mouth.



Took Buddy down to the Hall today for their clear round SJ. I put him in the 80cm and 90cm as he’s been jumping so well lately. It was his first 90cm course in a competition-like setting, so thought I’d see what he made of it.

Once he’d gotten over his dislike of the bright pink pig fillers, he ate up the jumps. Frustrating cause it’s not like he doesn’t jump pig fillers we have at home. But they are a different shade of pink, so guessing I need to up the pink-factor.

No clears, but I went with the aim of having fun and using it as an educational round. Big ticks there! He made 90cm feel small. He’s getting stronger and stronger (in a good way).

Just need to recreate it in competitions now. Buddy loves his post wash down roll too. Thankfully he was more elegant jumping the jumps.

Shades of summer

After being so cold earlier in the week, it seems Summer may be waking up. Definitely overlayered today.

But got 3 loads of washing dried on the line. That makes me very happy. After a busy few weeks, I needed a catch up day. Had lots of admin to do this morning – work, life and show!

But it was far too nice to stay at the laptop all at. So I took Buddy out for a lovely hack. Then he got a bath and a tidy up.

I definitely ticked a lot off the various lists today. Of course I added a few bits. Anyone else add things to the list so they can cross them off..?!?


I got to hold an Advanced Event horse today. That’s the eventing equivalent to ‘I carried a watermelon’ from Dirty Dancing. Closest I will ever get to that level.

This is Flynn, my friend’s horse. He was doing his first Advanced at Little Downham. So I went over to support her. Gosh he’s a bit lush!

It was wonderful watching him in action having heard so much about him. Another horsey day to finish off my birthday week. I have the feeling I will be seeing Flynn in action again…

Layered look

Today saw the return of the overtrousers! It’s 1 June, right?! I’ve been cold all day. The fan heater made an appearance at one point. As did the layered look. I headed to the yard wearing many!

Decided to free jump Buddy. He made me laugh as I’d barely set up the channel and he trotted over the jump. He’s so easy to work with. He picks which way he wants to go. It’s so much fun.

Thought I’d let him play, so kept putting it up for him. He was loving it. Ended up at belly button height – an official measuring system right there! Guessing it was 1.10m or so. I’ve got long legs so who knows?!

We were both a tad warm by the end. I didn’t need all my layers after all.

Rusty groom

The last time I was at the Suffolk Show, back in 2019, Buddy and I graced the ring. Today I donned my groom’s hat and grabbed the basket.

This was my charge – the most adorable Ernie. Though I wasn’t loving the early start. 5:30am is definitely not my best time of the day. And who decided that 7:30am was a good time to have a showing class?!

Still they were ready for the ring in good time. And learnt a lot from the experience. I have to admit, I was a little ring rusty. It’s been a while since I groomed at a County Show. Thank god for muscle memory. It really does come back to you.

Maybe next year, I need to bring Buddy out of showing semi-retirement and join the pony party…


Another full on day stewarding the SJ today at Blackwater Farm’s ODE. The power of the clipboard was in full force again.

So many lovely people who were grateful for my efforts. It’s so nice when people say thank you. Without volunteers, these events couldn’t run.

A couple of grumpy ones, but that’s life. I may have suggested that they volunteer next time to see how difficult a job it actually is.

I did the best I could to get everyone through as quickly as possible. Challenging when we had delays from the dressage. And then another hold up when a loose horse decided to come and join the party.

As a ‘professional organiser’ I was in my element. The fact I was over-sugared probably helped. Still for the most part, everyone had a good day. And that’s what matters.

Next time, I’m aiming to be a competitor so will definitely say thank you to the volunteers.

Steam power

I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts recently. The comedown from camp and the Champs I guess. It’s been a busy few weeks for me. And Buddy. So a lovely hack round Brampton was just what I needed.

Katie and I chatted the whole way round.

Got back to the yard and got to watch a number of stream engines from the annual rally down the road go past. They’re really rather cool. One even tooted for me. It’s a lovely sight each year.


After having 4 days off, it felt very good to be back behind my favourite ears. It was too nice not get out and stretch his legs after a busy few weeks.

On the way back, we pulled over to let a car pass us. The driver wound down her window and told me how envious she was of me getting to ride such a beautiful horse on a beautiful afternoon.

And beautiful it was.

Birthday nibbles

It’s Buddy’s birthday. He’s a teenager now at the ripe old age of 13! Let’s hope we get more maturity and he doesn’t embrace his inner ‘Kevin’.

I got him a massage for his birthday. Auntie Sam came to see him. I also got him some birthday nibbles. He was very appreciative of the nibbles and his massage. Well apart from his rather tight hamstrings.

Given the amount of work and travelling he’s done recently, I’m hardly surprised. I was expecting more tight spots. I’m pretty sure I have a few more than he does.