More miles

The Comedy Car has done me proud over the past few weeks. We’ve clocked up a lot of miles. Last week, we drove to Wales and back. This week, we’ve driven to Birmingham and back.

Driving back today was a tad hairy in the rain. The Comedy Car isn’t built for speed. But it makes me smile as I’m driving along. For a small car, it’s really comfortable.

Yesterday it got through another MOT. Always a good thing!

I found this photo on my phone from when I parked it in a little gap (technically not a space) in the car park at Celtic Manor. Sometimes there are advantages to a small car.


I had a trip down memory lane tonight as I walked past this car. I got an Alfa Spider in 2000. It was a proper driving car as it felt like it had a mind of its own sometimes. Very twitchy at times.

Totally unpractical of course. Especially for a horsey girl. I remember having to borrow a car on many an occasion to pick things up.

Sadly it didn’t last long as it was written off when I was rear ended by a 7.5t lorry. Yes, that’ll do it! It was significantly shorter after that. On the bother hand, the fact it was a soft top actually saved me from being seriously injured as it had extra reinforcement.

Mine was bright red. And I loved tearing round the country lanes in Sussex in it. Talk about low profile!

Camp countdown

Buddy and I are off for our first training camp this weekend. I was originally meant to be at Badminton. But that didn’t happen. So what’s better than watching Eventing? Training for Eventing, of course.

I needed to get some shavings and haylage before we head off on Saturday. It’s amazing how much I can get in The Comedy Car. It may be small, but it really is a Tardis inside. I also treated myself to a shavings fork. I know how to spoil myself!

I was giggling as I drove back. Luckily I have more space in The Buddymobile. We need to take a lot of stuff with us. I say we…… 😂

Back to it

A huge well done to everyone who made it through their first work day of 2022! Saw this earlier and it made me smile.

I hope the first day was a good one. Mine really was. Ticked lots off my list. And even managed to work out why my car is so cold, draughty and loud. Seems one of my rear windows was slightly ajar. Goodness knows when or how that happened. I honestly can’t remember ever opening it.

All creatures great and small

After my malaise yesterday, I woke up feeling more level again. Nothing’s changed but my attitude. It was good for me to acknowledge how I was feeling.

Had to take my car to the garage as a warning light has come on. One perk is I get to see the calves. And this time there were ponies too. I sat in the car watching them play. I’d like to know more about horse behaviour and psychology. They seemed very content. It was still fascinating watching the interaction between the herd.