I miss shoe

Now I’m no farrier, but I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be on your hoof Buddy. He pull this off doing his pre-lorry warm up, which included laps of his field and throwing some rather interesting shapes.

It did mean that we headed over to High Ash this morning with 3 shoes.

Thankfully it came off cleanly and my farrier was able to come and put it back on again this afternoon. So that was good.

Burning calories

Back home after another fab BHS Clinic at Forest Edge. One night in the lorry, two lessons with Jo Winfield and lots of lightbulb moments.

It was blissfully quiet and relaxed. I’m so glad we decided to stay last night. Buddy had a very good night judging by the amount of shavings on his rug. I had a cozy night too. I love sleeping in my little lorry.

We both worked hard in our lessons today. Buddy had to work even harder in our jumping lesson with some bending lines. We were also working on the quality of his canter between jumps. He was ravenous afterwards. He burnt a lot of calories it seems.


Someone is very relaxed being back at Blackwater for our last camp of the year. He looked like he was playing peekaboo behind his haynet.

He really does love a B&B. And so do I. I’m tucked up in my lorry. As I was away last weekend, I didn’t put the bed away! So one less job to sort out.

We had two lessons today. Poles this morning and course jumping this afternoon. Buddy was great in both. I managed to make both more complicated that it needed to be.

It’s good to be back learning again though.


Buddy blew me a bubble tonight when I lunged him. How cute! Today’s been a catch up day. It’s been a busy few days (weeks/months) so there was a lot to catch up on.

The aftermath of the Champs needed sorting. As did the mountain of laundry. I was feeling rather pleased with myself for getting it almost dry on the line. When a thunderstorm hit (still not complaining about the rain).

I made a start on sorting the lorry too. I was too tired to do it on Saturday when I got back. Thankfully I don’t need to do a full clean as we’re off to a training camp on Saturday.


The Buddymobile failed its MOT last week so I’ve had a nervous few days while it’s been fixed. Picked it back up this morning after being sorted and retested. Such a relief. Though I will be eating bean on toast for a bit…

I’ve had my little lorry nearly 3 years now. And I bloody love it! I smile every time I take it for a spin.

It got a new admirer today as a woman stopped me at the petrol station to ask if it was for sale. She said it was just what she was looking for. We got talking about horses, as you do.

Typically I can’t go anywhere as it’s too hot to travel Buddy right now. He seems to have adapted to the hot weather much better than I have. Today I found I’d empty the recycling bin in to the garden waste bin. Not a clue when I actually emptied the recycling bin.

Roll on cooler days and my brain firing on all cylinders again.

Lorry life

I had to take a horse to Newmarket this afternoon. As it was getting late, I pulled over by the gallops for a pit stop. A sausage rolls, Pringles and a coffee in a lay-by is proper lorry fare.

While sat there I watched a man throwing a spanner into a tree to get a drone down. 😂

It’s amazing the things you get to see if you stop and admire the view.

Salt spa

Took Buddy back over to Weston today for another Newmarket Salt Treatment. He was fascinated by all the horses there. Especially the Shetland’s. Got complements on how lovely and well behaved he is.

He really does seem to enjoy the treatment. He wanders off and then comes back to the nozzle.

I get a treatment too. Makes my nose tingle and gives my sinuses a good clear out!

Lovely to catch up with Tamsin Conyers too! Another bonus!

On my way there, I got told off by a lorry driver for not indicating when I slowed to turn. I was indicating so checked the lorry and the bulb had blown. Took it down the road to my local garage. They changed the bulb for the princely sum of £3. Bargain!

Camp veterans

Back home after another cracking training camp. After watching some of the Badminton XC yesterday I was inspired and intimidated in equal measure. As we headed out this morning, I’d decided that we’d stick to the 60/70s. Well we hadn’t been XC for 6 months. I wasn’t sure if Buddy would remember the drill.

I needn’t have worried in the slightest. He was clearly up for it! After warming up over a couple of 70s, we spent the rest of the time jumping the 80s and finished with a 90.

Couple of wobbles when I forgot to ride. And a terrifying ‘puddle of doom’ before the ditch. Mr Nappy Pants returned at one point, but I’m so much better at nipping it in the bud. Started with a smile and ended with a bigger one.

This afternoon it was grids. It was really hot and we were both flagging. Still we came, we saw, we jumped everything. And that’s no mean feat.

All in all, I’m so happy with my little boy. And I stayed in the saddle all weekend! No unscheduled dismounts for me. Not always the case. I must work out how many training camps we’ve done now…

Think we’ll definitely sleep well tonight. Buddy gets time in the field tomorrow. I have the lorry and my tack to clean. And a huge pile of laundry. Worth it though.


First day of camp and what a belter. Two brilliant lessons. It feels so good to be back at Blackwater Farm training again with T&N Equestrian.

First lesson this morning was poles. Finally something has clicked in my brain and I actually enjoyed a pole lesson rather than wondering if we’d get through them unscathed. It seems Buddy has had a similar revelation as we positively floated through them.

This afternoon it was course jumping. The hard works of the past few months is paying dividends. Buddy was on top form and flew round the course. Got lots of complements from the other campers. Always lovely.

Even got to watch some of the XC coverage from Badders. Gosh it was a very testing track. Lots of thrills and spills. Fingers crossed we have more thrills tomorrow when we go XC (mere twigs in comparison).

Now tucked up in my lorry. And Buddy is loving the haylage that comes with camp life. Today was a very good day indeed.