Took Buddy to Carleton Riding Club’s first show of 2023. It was a beautiful morning as I sat having breakfast in the conservatory. Fast forward a few hours and it started to rain as I loaded Buddy. The closer I got to Easton, the heavier the rain got.

Tacked Buddy up and my thinking was do the course walk, then ride him in. They’d sensibly delayed the start of the class till after the emergency test thing. Went to check and once more, I’d missed the course walk.

Cracked on instead. Poor Buddy was soaked and so was I before we’d even jumped a fence!

Soon it was our turn. Entered the ring, only for the commentator to call out the wrong name. Quick trip to the box to sort it out and we were off. Super pleased with Buddy. He stormed round the 70cm. I’d seen a few fences causing issues in the 60cm so was mindful. Would have had a faster time too. We had a bit of a stag leap over the second to last fence. It meant I landed in a heap and had to get my knitting back before heading to the final jump. Still thrilled with a clear round and 4th place.

Then it was time for 80cm. Hallelujah, I walked the course this time!! It was a very twisty course, but looked easily doable. Popped Buddy over a couple of fences and he felt really good.

I got a big Gung-ho and pushed him out of his rhythm a few times. So even though we had a fast time, we had 3 down. Still I don’t care as he didn’t refuse and was definitely up for it today.

I’ve been playing around with my stirrup length and have found that just by putting them down one hole, it’s made a massive difference to the way I ride. I can now really get my leg on him before a fence.

I may have been rather moist and had to peel my riding tights off. But I’m a very happy girl today. Oh and my new show jacket is lush!!


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