Back home after a very long day at the BRC Intermediate Champs in Onley. I wasn’t competing, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t in on all the action.

Up for the Arena Walk, which mostly involved me taking my jacket on and off, jumping up and down and generally desensitising the horses to the fact the viewing gallery was rather close to the arenas.

Then it was helping one of the rider get ready for her test. Well I was until another rider’s horse managed to pull a shoe off and cut herself. Once the first rider was onboard, I rushed to get the vet and find a farrier. The later proved more challenging as there wasn’t one onsite. After ringing round as many farriers as we could Google. We found one who would put the shoe on. But only if we took the horse to him.

Cue 1.5 hour roadtrip to the farrier’s house! Where he put the shoe back on on his driveway. I kid you not!!

We managed to made it back in time for her to plait, get signed off by the vet and get ridden in for her test. Phew!

Good job I’m calm in a crisis.


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