Winner winner

What a fabulous day it’s been. Took Buddy over to Easton for a spot of show jumping. After doing so well at the last show, I stepped him up to 70cm and 80cm. Boy did he deliver!!

We only went and won the 70cm!!! It was a lovely flowing course so I knew we could cover the ground in the timed section. I let him run to the last and he came back when I asked to fly it.

It was a huge class too so had a long wait to get the result. I kept thinking that someone would get a faster time. But not today! It’s not often we bag a red one. So savouring it.

Then onto the 80cm. Still on a high, I didn’t care what happened. But Buddy was up for it. Punched a skinny out early in the course so decided to go for a fast 4 faults.

Once more, my little boy flew round. And we came away with 6th place and the second fastest 4 faults.

I’m still beaming!!

We’ve been training so hard and it’s a wonderful feeling when it all comes together. Back to Eventing soon me thinks. For now, I’m celebrating cause we did good!!


First competition of 2022 done! A spot of show jumping at Easton College. The last time I was here, I had a rather interesting time. And a flying lesson from Buddy.

To say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement. But I honestly couldn’t fault Buddy today. He warmed up beautifully for the 60cm class. He felt switched on and ready to go. I haven’t felt so calm before a competition for a long time. Few sticky moments in the ring, but he listened and responded when I asked. Thrilled with a clear round and 3rd place.

Then onto the 70cm. Again, he felt up for it and flew round the course in a much better rhythm. Just the last down but still bagged 6th place as it was a decent time. Totally my fault as I knew I’d got the turn wrong so it was an awful line. But he tried his best for me.

To come back with two placings was beyond my dreams. I was aiming for understated and to enjoy myself. I’m trusting him more. I’m trusting me more. And more than anything I’m trusting our training.

Hard work paid off today. Onwards and upwards.


Well that’s another BHS Camp over. This one was our 4th together and I have to say, our best to date. I couldn’t fault Buddy over the past few days. He was quite the pro!

It feels like a lot of things have clicked this week. Every lesson we learnt something new. Every lesson we improved. Every lesson we rocked it.

We came 4th in the dressage! I have to admit, that really surprised me as I was first to go and thought I wasn’t our best.

On to the jumping and unfortunately had the last down. My fault. I held when I should have pushed. But I did get told I got a 10 for my position and actually sitting on my bum! Something I’ve really been working on.

The biggest shock though was to get a Special Award from the instructors. They all felt our improvement needed to be recognised.

Yes, I cried. It means so much to get that validation. Especially from such incredible instructors.

I’m still on a high! I’m also shattered! We will both sleep well tonight.