Well that’s another BHS Camp over. This one was our 4th together and I have to say, our best to date. I couldn’t fault Buddy over the past few days. He was quite the pro!

It feels like a lot of things have clicked this week. Every lesson we learnt something new. Every lesson we improved. Every lesson we rocked it.

We came 4th in the dressage! I have to admit, that really surprised me as I was first to go and thought I wasn’t our best.

On to the jumping and unfortunately had the last down. My fault. I held when I should have pushed. But I did get told I got a 10 for my position and actually sitting on my bum! Something I’ve really been working on.

The biggest shock though was to get a Special Award from the instructors. They all felt our improvement needed to be recognised.

Yes, I cried. It means so much to get that validation. Especially from such incredible instructors.

I’m still on a high! I’m also shattered! We will both sleep well tonight.


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