Horse collective

I’ve had a very horsey day. But not with Buddy. And not riding. It felt rather strange being at Forest Edge without Buddy. He’ll be there for training camps and competitions soon though.

It was lovely to catch up with so many camp friends though.

Today I was driver / groom instead. I still enjoyed myself and learnt lots from watching the lessons. You really do get a different perspective.

This clinic was organised by The British Horse Society. An organisation I’m a member and keen advocate of.

I’m also a member and committee member of Carleton Riding Club. Tonight was our monthly committee meeting. So more horse chat.

I love being part of horse collectives. I’ve met so many people through horses.


Sunday brunch

Headed off early to meet up with two of my camp friends for a hack round Blickling. We took a different route and were out for two hours! I could have kept going. It was so lovely. We chatted all the way round.

It seemed lots of people had the same idea as the car park was rammed. Two people had parked so close to the Buddymobile, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out. Thankfully they came back as I was putting Buddy away so I didn’t have to do a 97 point turn.

Honestly, some people have no common sense. My lorry isn’t huge but I do need more than a couple of feet end. I wish I’d taken a photo of it. It really beggered belief. Still no harm done and it didn’t spoil a lovely morning.

Camp fun

I’m home after the second day of camp. And what a fun day it’s been. Woke up to thick fog. A total whiteout. So wasn’t sure how our XC lesson would go. I needn’t have worried as the sun burnt through and I was soon wishing for the cool.

I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about taking Buddy out on the course. It’s been a few months since we had a run. And the last ODE we did there, we had to withdraw. But I needn’t have worried. We were storming round the fences before I knew it.

There were lots of positives to take. Just one blip where Buddy obviously thought there were lions behind the fence as he really wasn’t happy. One thing I know about my boy is that he doesn’t over-react without good reason. Got him settled eventually. And we carried on.

Came back with a huge smile on my face! When I got back I heard that there had reports of a puma sighting nearby, so who knows?!

After lunch, we did a grids lesson. We were both tired, but still got a lot from it. It was a very different grid – working on straightness and adaptability. I’ll be setting that up at home.

We’ll both sleep well tonight, that’s for sure. I do love going to training camps. I’ve met so many fab people that way. We have such a laugh too. Here’s to more next year!


Someone is very relaxed being back at Blackwater for our last camp of the year. He looked like he was playing peekaboo behind his haynet.

He really does love a B&B. And so do I. I’m tucked up in my lorry. As I was away last weekend, I didn’t put the bed away! So one less job to sort out.

We had two lessons today. Poles this morning and course jumping this afternoon. Buddy was great in both. I managed to make both more complicated that it needed to be.

It’s good to be back learning again though.

Camp Amigos

Today the camp amigos got back together for a wonderful hack round Blickling. It’s not even been two weeks since we were last together but I’ve missed them. We walked and talked round the estate. And topped it off with a spot of lunch in the car park. Don’t say we don’t know how to live…!?

Four exceptional horses. Of course, we proved once again how hard it is to get a good photo of horses and riders. When selfies didn’t work, we asked a passing walker to help us out.

Camp clean up

Today was my camp clean up day. Or the start of it. It usually takes me less time that I’m actually away, so that’s something. 4 loads of washing later and I’m almost there. Probably another 2 or 3 to go though.

Thankfully it’s all drying really quickly in the hot weather we’re having. Got my tack and the lorry to clean once the washing is done. It’s amazing how dirty everything gets.

While I was hanging one load of washing out, I spotted this fuchsia in the border. It’s stunning. So vibrant! Made me smile. My garden is fairing OK in the heat. But we all need to start a rain dance soon…

Camp close

Well that’s another BHS Camp done! And another brilliant one. Buddy was an absolute superstar! He tried his hardest and did everything asked.

He was also a complete piggy and hoovered up food like it was going out of fashion. As a result, he had by far the most disgusting stable. Shame there wasn’t a prize for that as he’d definitely win!!

Still we did come home with more rosettes to add to our collection. A 7th place for show jumping. And 8th place in dressage.

The latter was quite a shock as I was the first one in and I went wrong. I’d never been the first rider in, ever, and didn’t realise how much I watch the rider in front. Totally brain fart. Still there was a lot to like apparently, so that’s good.

The frustrating thing is that I’d ran the test in my lesson this morning. That was just over an hour before. Doh!

Oh well, placings were the cherry on the cake after a brilliant camp! We will both sleep well tonight!!


Third day of camp and another two lessons done. Started the day with grids. Now we all know, I bloody love grids! And so does Buddy. He was rather keen to get on with it. So the focus of the lesson was about getting his canter established and listening before we attempted the grid. He flew through it though!!

Then this afternoon, it was another flat work lesson. The focus of this was to try and micromanage Buddy less and help him be softer. Much harder than I seems as I‘m not always a ‘less is more’ kinda rider. Definitely making progress though. So that’s good.

The Spillers weight bridge was back for Buddy’s annual weight in. He scored a perfect body condition and has dropped weight from last year. He’s now 637kg.

Another successful camp day done. We’ll both sleep well tonight.

Bays and greys

Second day of camp done. Two lessons today. First lesson course jumping. Where I learnt that if I ride my horse and prepare him rather than throwing him into fences things go much nicer. Not that it was bad, but much smoother after I actually road Buddy.

Though he did come out a bit All Guns Blazing. He was very keen to get going.

After lunch, we had a flat lesson. Where I had huge lightbulb moment. The instructor told me to ‘cuddle my ribs’ with my upper arms. My goodness, it was completely different! Buddy was so soft in the contact.

So far we’re both loving camp!

Camp life again

After an early start to beat the rush, we arrived at Forest Edge for camp. Got Buddy all settled and then went for a hack in the forest.

A lovely slow start to camp. First lessons tomorrow.

Buddy is loving camp life again. He’s inhaling haylage and making friends. I’ve inhaled BBQ and catching up with friends.