This made me laugh today. It reminded me of the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The one where Indiana Jones uses the gold medallion to find the next clue.

I got a bit blinded by it as I lunged Buddy. It’s funny how memories get triggered by simple things.

Thankfully Buddy and I didn’t have to face any bad guys today. But we are off on an adventure next week… It’s nearly Camp Time!

Camp catch up

It’s 4 weeks today till Buddy and I head off to our ‘big camp’. Today I met up with 3 fellow campers to chat all things camp.

I love taking Buddy to training camps. It’s not just the learning or spending time with him. It’s about spending time with like-minded people (who don’t roll their eyes when you talk horses).

This photo sums up the fun we have. I’m very excited. Just need to get Buddy sound again.

Speaking of Buddy, he’s not a fan of a poultice as he took it off overnight. Attempt number 2 done tonight, so fingers crossed that stays on.

Camp veterans

Back home after another cracking training camp. After watching some of the Badminton XC yesterday I was inspired and intimidated in equal measure. As we headed out this morning, I’d decided that we’d stick to the 60/70s. Well we hadn’t been XC for 6 months. I wasn’t sure if Buddy would remember the drill.

I needn’t have worried in the slightest. He was clearly up for it! After warming up over a couple of 70s, we spent the rest of the time jumping the 80s and finished with a 90.

Couple of wobbles when I forgot to ride. And a terrifying ‘puddle of doom’ before the ditch. Mr Nappy Pants returned at one point, but I’m so much better at nipping it in the bud. Started with a smile and ended with a bigger one.

This afternoon it was grids. It was really hot and we were both flagging. Still we came, we saw, we jumped everything. And that’s no mean feat.

All in all, I’m so happy with my little boy. And I stayed in the saddle all weekend! No unscheduled dismounts for me. Not always the case. I must work out how many training camps we’ve done now…

Think we’ll definitely sleep well tonight. Buddy gets time in the field tomorrow. I have the lorry and my tack to clean. And a huge pile of laundry. Worth it though.


First day of camp and what a belter. Two brilliant lessons. It feels so good to be back at Blackwater Farm training again with T&N Equestrian.

First lesson this morning was poles. Finally something has clicked in my brain and I actually enjoyed a pole lesson rather than wondering if we’d get through them unscathed. It seems Buddy has had a similar revelation as we positively floated through them.

This afternoon it was course jumping. The hard works of the past few months is paying dividends. Buddy was on top form and flew round the course. Got lots of complements from the other campers. Always lovely.

Even got to watch some of the XC coverage from Badders. Gosh it was a very testing track. Lots of thrills and spills. Fingers crossed we have more thrills tomorrow when we go XC (mere twigs in comparison).

Now tucked up in my lorry. And Buddy is loving the haylage that comes with camp life. Today was a very good day indeed.


Took Buddy out for a hack this afternoon. The weather was beautiful. After we got back, he had a bath ready for camp tomorrow.

Then I packed the lorry all ready for the off. We’re only away one night but it still seems like a lot to take. The advantage of having a lorry is that lots of stuff lives on there so it does make it a bit easier. Still feel like I’ve forgotten something though…

Camp countdown

Buddy and I are off for our first training camp this weekend. I was originally meant to be at Badminton. But that didn’t happen. So what’s better than watching Eventing? Training for Eventing, of course.

I needed to get some shavings and haylage before we head off on Saturday. It’s amazing how much I can get in The Comedy Car. It may be small, but it really is a Tardis inside. I also treated myself to a shavings fork. I know how to spoil myself!

I was giggling as I drove back. Luckily I have more space in The Buddymobile. We need to take a lot of stuff with us. I say we…… 😂


Day 2 of camp and another brilliant day. In fact the whole camp was bloody brilliant! Yes, I’m a little overtired and emotional. Let’s just say we will both sleep well tonight.

Two brilliant lessons today. Out on the XC course this morning. Buddy was flying! He’s definitely got the hang of running and jumping. 👏🏻

We jumped 80s and 90s today. And a few we hadn’t jumped before. Got ‘save of the day’ too. I was not coming off. Especially in the water!!

This afternoon we finished with grids. I bloody love grids! So does Buddy it seems.

I’m over the moon with the progress we’ve made in the past few years. We’ve come a long way since our first camp.

It was also brilliant catching up with everyone. And meeting new people. Till the next time…

Numbers game

Day 1 of camp down and lots to report. Two brilliant lessons (poles this morning and course jumping this afternoon). One new saddle pad (it was on sale!!). And zero falls. Now that’s what I call a very good day.

Weather-wise it was a game of two halves. This morning was awful with heavy showers. This afternoon saw glorious sunshine.

Round 2 of Newmarket Salt therapy was good too. Buddy spent more time by the nozzle this time. He seems so chilled out with life today.

Fingers crossed he stays like that tomorrow when we head out to XC.

Carry on campers

And just like that, we’re back at camp. This time with T&N Equestrian at Blackwater Farm.

Decided to do an extra night so I could take Buddy to Weston Equestrian Centre for a Newmarket Salt treatment. He wasn’t sure to start off with, but think he enjoyed it.

He was obviously feeling well as we’ve had our first camp fall. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Someone took exception to the pink portaloo. The same one he’s seem several times before. Oh well, camp doesn’t officially start till tomorrow so I’m not counting it. 🤪

Camp comedown

It was bound to happen. Today I missed my camp buddies, learning stuff and someone else cooking for me.

Luckily I have lots of camp memories coming up on my FB at the moment. This one still makes me smile. It’s from 2 years ago when I jumped this wall.

Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of your highlights. My camp showreel is pretty good. Maybe I need to do a BHS Camp memory video… 🤔