Winner winner

What a fabulous day it’s been. Took Buddy over to Easton for a spot of show jumping. After doing so well at the last show, I stepped him up to 70cm and 80cm. Boy did he deliver!!

We only went and won the 70cm!!! It was a lovely flowing course so I knew we could cover the ground in the timed section. I let him run to the last and he came back when I asked to fly it.

It was a huge class too so had a long wait to get the result. I kept thinking that someone would get a faster time. But not today! It’s not often we bag a red one. So savouring it.

Then onto the 80cm. Still on a high, I didn’t care what happened. But Buddy was up for it. Punched a skinny out early in the course so decided to go for a fast 4 faults.

Once more, my little boy flew round. And we came away with 6th place and the second fastest 4 faults.

I’m still beaming!!

We’ve been training so hard and it’s a wonderful feeling when it all comes together. Back to Eventing soon me thinks. For now, I’m celebrating cause we did good!!


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