So it seems that in order to get the best from Buddy, I have to ride in howling winds.

We had an early lesson with Simon Grieve this morning. When I left the yard, it wasn’t too bad but by the time I arrived at the venue, it was howling. Nearly got taken out opening the gate. Parked up the lorry and it was rocking. Then got blown off the mounting block. I know there’s not much of me, but seriously?!

Still I’d made it there so we gave it a go. Started with poles and worked on adjusting the canter. Simon put out two poles and gave me the number of strides to get between then. It’s hard for Buddy as he can get a bit strung out, so a great exercise for us. One I need to repeat at home.

A few of the jumps had blown over, so Simon secured one with some sandbags. Pretty sure that’s a first for me. But it worked. And we got to have a play over the jump.

Buddy was awesome! He was so chilled considering it was really strong gusts! He was focused. The drive back wasn’t too bad either. So seems it was definitely worse at the coast.


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