Low maintenance

Took Buddy to World Horse Welfare for a jumping lesson with Simon Grieve this afternoon. He had us doing some technical lines and fun exercises. Buddy was brilliant. Me, not so much as got a bit tIght and started overthinking rather than letting it flow.

Then a speedy turnaround to get out for a black tie birthday bash. Left the yard at 6:25pm, arrived at the do at 7:15pm. Pretty impressive as that included a shower, feeding the cats and a 20 mins drive to the venues. There are many advantages to being low maintenance.

The sky looked like it was on fire as I left Snetterton.

Ice ice baby

Well I wasn’t expecting snow and ice this morning. It was a bit hairy getting off the close this morning I can tell you. Well once I’d a) got out of my front door that was frozen shut, b) opened the car doors that were frozen shut and c) defrosted the ice off the inside of the car!!!

The last one isn’t something I expected or really knew how to deal with. Needless to say, I got covered in ice! Good job I had lots of layers on.

Still when I did get to the yard, I had a brilliant flat lesson with Lewis. Buddy worked his little socks off. We were both glowing by the end! So grateful to have an indoor school to ride in on days like this.

Jump into 2023

Buddy and I had our first lesson of 2023. I was a little apprehensive as our last lesson of 2022 ended with a face plant for us both. I needn’t have worried. Buddy was in good form.

As it was the first lesson, we kept it simple. Still we were flying over a 105cm upright. Buddy found his springs for sure.

Got home and it was time to open the laptop and get back to work. I’ve really enjoyed my time off over Christmas and New Year. It’s been a fab break with lots of lovely people.

Dodo was very happy indeed that I was back at the laptop. He was purring so loudly on my lap.


Today we headed back to Forest Edge Arena for a BHS Clinic with Caroline Meads. Safe to say Buddy and I had a workout. We had a group flat lesson this morning. We worked on keeping a consistent contact. I’ve been very down on myself lately with our flat work. I felt like we haven’t been progressing. After 6 years together, we still can’t maintain a decent outline. Naturally, I look to me first. So was good to hear that it’s not all me. And get more tools for the toolkit.

Then this afternoon we had a private jumping lesson. How lucky was that?! Of course, I was soon questioning this when we were put through our paces again. In the jumping lesson we worked on the quality of Buddy’s canter.

Let’s just say we were both dripping by the end of it. Buddy needs clipping again. He was only clipped a month ago, but you’d never know. His coat has come through so quickly.

You can’t see the steam coming off him. And you definitely didn’t need to see a very sweaty me!

Jump for joy

We headed over to World Horse Welfare today for a lesson with Simon Grieve. Always a fun thing to do.

We took a detour on the way there to check out the sale at Express Equine. Buddy got carrots. And I bought myself a new riding hat.

When we got to the lesson, Buddy was a little gung-ho to start off with. He didn’t want to do poles. He was very keen to get jumping.

Thankfully when we did get jumping, he was on top form! Even when I got some rather dodgy lines or strides. He still jumped everything. Shows me how far we’ve come.

Piggy part 2

We headed over to Wakefield Farm Stud today for a lesson with Piggy March. The first lesson in 2020 when she was the reigning Badminton winner. This time, she is the reigning Burghley winner. Amazing!

She said Buddy looked very well. And that we clearly have a strong partnership. She was very complimentary about him and my riding.

We tackled a mix of SJ and XC jumps. It was like a mini-Arena Eventing course. Lots of skinnies and some technical lines.

Afterwards he got to go on the weight bridge. He’s now 615kg. Again, the lady said he’s very well muscled and in perfect condition.

So happy with my little boy today.

Wind assisted

I had a rather windy lesson today. It was hard to hear Lewis at times. Thankfully Buddy wasn’t too bothered by it. Well for the most part.

I’ve entered some Arena Eventing so today we jumped a mix of show jumps and more XC style ones. He set up a corner and some cool lines.

Couple of interesting moments. Particularly when the green astroturf flapped while we were jumping a rather large oxer. I definitely got impulsion! Perhaps we need to wind assisted more often!

Jump around

Took Buddy over to World Horse Welfare today for a jumping lesson with Judith Barker. She’d set up a grid and a mix of show jumps and XC-style ones too.

Buddy was on very good form. And Judith said she could see improvements from our last lesson. So that’s good.

After a well-earned sausage roll and coffee (me not him), I went for a wander round to see some of the residents. These two cuties got lots of scratches. They’re so tiny compared to Buddy.

Winter is definitely on the way. I had to break out the ‘big dressing gown’ and over trousers earlier. And lit the fire tonight. The kittens and I are toasty on the sofa. It’s funny cause in the Summer I hardly see them.


They say horses sweat and women glow. Well quite frankly, I’m not sure which of us sweated the most tonight!

We headed out for a jump lesson at a new venue and with a new instructor, Ellie Hurst. Normally I’d be a little apprehensive. But we were both chilled. Since I’ve put Buddy on a balancer, he’s like a different horse.

Buddy was soon flying round the course. Few dodgy moments. And one flying lesson for me (haven’t had one of those for a while). Lots to like though!

Camp close

Well that’s another BHS Camp done! And another brilliant one. Buddy was an absolute superstar! He tried his hardest and did everything asked.

He was also a complete piggy and hoovered up food like it was going out of fashion. As a result, he had by far the most disgusting stable. Shame there wasn’t a prize for that as he’d definitely win!!

Still we did come home with more rosettes to add to our collection. A 7th place for show jumping. And 8th place in dressage.

The latter was quite a shock as I was the first one in and I went wrong. I’d never been the first rider in, ever, and didn’t realise how much I watch the rider in front. Totally brain fart. Still there was a lot to like apparently, so that’s good.

The frustrating thing is that I’d ran the test in my lesson this morning. That was just over an hour before. Doh!

Oh well, placings were the cherry on the cake after a brilliant camp! We will both sleep well tonight!!