Fully charged

Early start for me as I had to take a horse to the vets (not Buddy). The Buddymobile wouldn’t start again. Even though I moved it yesterday for easy loading. And left it running for a while.

Wasn’t sure if I needed a new battery. If something is draining it. Or the cold affecting it.

Jump started it from the Comedy Car. That made me laugh. My big lorry being jumped from a tiny car. Still it got it going.

After dropping the patient off, I headed to the mechanics. He tested the battery and said it’s all good. So not sure what the issue is. He did say the cold weather does really affect things. I know the feeling!

So going to see if I can get an immobiliser fitted to see if that helps my battery life.

For now, I’ve had to change the direction I park the lorry so that I can jump it again if needed.


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