Stay warm

Second time this week I’ve ended up in the local camping shop on a mercy mission. Today it was to buy a heater for the Buddymobile. I’m on driver / groom duties this weekend. We’re sleeping in the lorry and there’s no heating in the living. It’s a tad fresh out there so hoping it warms up a bit tomorrow. Otherwise it’s going to be a cold night even with the billion or so layers I’m taking.

The weather has been random to say the least. Bright sunshine one minute, high winds the next, then snow storms. Interesting riding with snow blowing in the arena. I think I was more weirded out by it than Buddy was.

Still on days like this, I’m grateful for the indoor school. And tomorrow it’ll be about making memories. Let’s hope the little heater does the job in the little lorry.



I really wanted to hibernate this morning when I work up. In fact, Hugo decided that I should stay in bed by sleeping on my chest. At least he made a good hot water bottle.

I can’t say I’m thrilled at the return of cold temperatures. But I am thrilled that The Buddymobile is back. With a new battery, new gas bottle and most of the issues fixed. Apparently he has leaky injectors (whatever that means), so he’ll need to go in for those to be sorted. But at least there should be no need to jump start him every time I want to go somewhere.

After dropping him back at the yard, I walked home with snowflakes swirling around. Grateful that it’s only a short walk. Now thawed out.

Fully charged

Early start for me as I had to take a horse to the vets (not Buddy). The Buddymobile wouldn’t start again. Even though I moved it yesterday for easy loading. And left it running for a while.

Wasn’t sure if I needed a new battery. If something is draining it. Or the cold affecting it.

Jump started it from the Comedy Car. That made me laugh. My big lorry being jumped from a tiny car. Still it got it going.

After dropping the patient off, I headed to the mechanics. He tested the battery and said it’s all good. So not sure what the issue is. He did say the cold weather does really affect things. I know the feeling!

So going to see if I can get an immobiliser fitted to see if that helps my battery life.

For now, I’ve had to change the direction I park the lorry so that I can jump it again if needed.


I know I sound like a broken record, but my goodness it was cold today. I had to scrape ice off the inside of my car last night when I left the party. That was interesting sitting in the car park waiting till I could see enough to safely drive.

Today I headed back to WHW Snetterton to watch day 2 of lessons. The fields were frozen but the ponies were very happy munching on the hay.

It was lovely catching up with everyone. It was the same jump floor plan as Buddy and I did yesterday. It was really interesting to see how it rode from the ground.

The downside to being on the ground is that I got very cold (even with multiple layer).

It may have taken a while for my feet to thaw out but it was fun watching everyone.

Jack Frost

Well Jack Frost certainly made an appearance today. Woke up to a freezing fog and thick frost. It looked very pretty. But didn’t do much for my motivation to leave the cottage.

Headed to the yard to sort my stuff out in the barn. Definitely got my sock choice wrong. Talk about ice blocks for feet!! There was lots of ice at the yard too. And more forecast tonight.

I was meant to be taking Buddy to a clinic tomorrow. But the Buddymobile wouldn’t start. I tried to start it up to check all was OK. But sadly, it doesn’t seem to like the cold either.

Having just watched the forecast for tomorrow, not sure many people will be going far tomorrow…

Thawing out

Today has been mostly about keeping warm. The heating wasn’t working when I was peopling this morning. Which meant that I got rather cold. Then back to check the kittens and another cold house. Then took the girls for a walk in the bracing air. And finally hunkered down in cottage to warm up and work.

The fields behind the cottage was just stunning. It wasn’t just the cold that took my breath away. I am a total country girl at heart. Wide open spaces do it for me.

Having now thawed out, I’m back out in the cold for another Christmas meal. Thankfully, this one is in the warm!


The cold I’ve been fighting off has taken hold so today has been a me day. The twig burner has been going all day and I’ve been snuggled on the sofa with the kittens. They’re not the best ‘nurses’ but they do make great hot water bottles.

I watched a couple of movies. First Aquaman (I’m a fan of DC), then Despicable Me 3 (I’m a fan of animated movies). Polar opposites but equally enjoyable.

Early night for me I’m guessing! Normal service will be resumed soon.


The twig burner has been called into action today. It’s been rather cold. And it seems I have one too!

Woke up feeling rather under the weather (where does that phrase come from?!). Still managed to get stuff down but at a slightly slower pace. Blooming germs. I really don’t like being ill. Thankfully it’s just a cold so will pass soon.

At least the twig burner has made my little house feel toasty, cozy and warm. And that makes me very happy.

Pumpkin patch

Well considering as I woke up feeling a bit pants, I ended up doing quite a lot today. I feel like I’m getting a cold. You know the thing – scratchy throat and feeling like you’ve been punched in the sinuses. Great!

Good job that I had an unexpected free day. So spent it pottering and ticking things off my ever growing to-do list.

Anyone else’s garden gone a bit bonkers?! My lawns have gone from crispy to overgrown in the space of a few weeks. So I got the mower out for the first time in what feels like ages.

Lots of my plants have had major growth spurts and are starting to reflower. They’re as confused as I am by the weather it seems.

My pumpkins are excelling! And spreading all over the driveway. So far I’ve counted 6 and lots of flowers. Pumpkins make me feel very Autumnal.