Puddy pile

I got back from the yard today to find Hugo had found a new sleeping place. He was rather precariously balanced on my saddle pads and dressage saddle.

It reminded me of ‘The Princess and the Pea’. Not sure how comfortable it is, but he seems happy. Not sure he’s going to be happy when I take the saddle pads to the yard and someone buys the saddle. Of course, it might be dead to him by then. Cats tend to be a bit fickle with where they sleep.


2 thoughts on “Puddy pile

  1. We have a barn cat that sleeps like that on our saddles as well! LOL That must be the go to spot for cats! Love your blog, I just followed you on here recently.


    1. All my cats love it when I bring stuff back from the yard. Funny huh?!

      Thank you! It’s my musings on life. I started it when I broke my ankle badly in Jan 2020. It was a way for me to chart my recovery.

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