Today I knuckled down and ticked lots of things off my to-do list. I’ve had a busy few weeks, so felt like I was behind with lots. Having said that, I had promised myself a bit of an easier month in August.

The heat has almost forced my hand as I’ve really struggled to maintain my usual pace in it. My brain hasn’t wanted to focus either.

Today I felt like I was firing on a few more cylinders. And finished my working day feeling like I’ve made a dent in stuff.

Took Buddy out for a leg stretch after his busy week too. One of the advantages of being the boss is that I get to decide when I work and when I play. Well, most of the time…

Sometimes it’s more works. Sometimes it’s more play. I think that’s called balance.

Tree pose

I was back at the chiropractor’s today for Day 2 of Super Sub. They’re running a balance challenge to see who can hold the tree pose for the longest. After spending 6 weeks on one leg, I think I might just win that one. 😉

It’s funny cause I really noticed how much that time on one leg has affected me structurally. So when I’m working behind the desk, I try to stand on the other leg. I’m pretty good at it now.

Of course, that goes out the window when I close my eyes…. 😂 Try it, it’s a lot harder!

Puddy pile

I got back from the yard today to find Hugo had found a new sleeping place. He was rather precariously balanced on my saddle pads and dressage saddle.

It reminded me of ‘The Princess and the Pea’. Not sure how comfortable it is, but he seems happy. Not sure he’s going to be happy when I take the saddle pads to the yard and someone buys the saddle. Of course, it might be dead to him by then. Cats tend to be a bit fickle with where they sleep.