I brought the Buddymobile home last night so that I could clean it today. Hugo has claimed the bedding. He’s so happy there. Maybe he wants to be a lorry cat…


I woke up in a very determined mood today. It resulted in an awful lot of things getting ticked off my various to-do lists. I say various, I mean I have a lot of lists. One for each of my clients. One for Buddy. One for me. One for the house. One for food shopping. I do love a list!!

There’s a new list too called ‘Champs’. That’s had a few things ticked off as well. Printed my numbers, a map of the show ground and a few other bits of information, just in case.

Sadly Hugo is not on the ‘Champs’ list. He will be very disappointed when I take my bedding to the lorry tomorrow. I’m now more excited than nervous. Fingers crossed it stays like that.

Puddy pile

I got back from the yard today to find Hugo had found a new sleeping place. He was rather precariously balanced on my saddle pads and dressage saddle.

It reminded me of ‘The Princess and the Pea’. Not sure how comfortable it is, but he seems happy. Not sure he’s going to be happy when I take the saddle pads to the yard and someone buys the saddle. Of course, it might be dead to him by then. Cats tend to be a bit fickle with where they sleep.

Melted kittens

I think I’m adapting to the heat slightly better than the kittens. After taking Buddy out for an early morning ride, I got home to find Hugo wailing round the house.

He spend most of the day in the office with me in front of the fan. Dodo has been hiding in the borders. There’s definitely been a cooling breeze out here.

My laptop seemed to be hotter than I was today. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been hot, but not unbearable. Or maybe I’ve just found a way to keep my office cooler.

Hugo has discovered the joys of the shade lounger. As soon as it was in shade, he staked his claim and isn’t moving.

Bring on cooler weather and hopefully a big thunderstorm to clear the air.

Cat magnet

It seems my reputation as a cat magnet proceeds me. Not a clue who this cat is. But it came out to greet me as I walked up to see Buddy. And followed me up the road.

Speaking of cats, I didn’t have the best start to the day as Dodo interrupted breakfast with a snack of his own. He came through the cat flap with a baby bird in his mouth. Managed to rescue said bird and put it in a box in the shed while I looked up what to do with it.

Went to check on it and the box was empty. I searched the shed but no sign of it. Started to question my sanity when it flew past me and out of the door.

Feeling like I’d done a good thing, I headed off into the house. Only for 10 mins later to see Dodo ‘playing’ with it on the lawn. Sadly it was cat 1 – baby bird 0. 😔

At least I tried…

Shade dance

So it seems that Hugo isn’t a huge fan of the sunshine. While Dodo was sunbathing on the patio. Hugo found the tiny bit of shade in the garden. Made me laugh.

I’m loving the feeling of the sun on my face at the moment. But it won’t be long before I’ll be doing the shade dance with Hugo. The joys of being an English Rose.

Paw Patrol

You’ve heard of Paw Patrol, well Hugo was on Storm Patrol. He was so funny sitting in the wind, then tearing around the garden chasing the leaves. He didn’t want to come back in.

Dodo on the other hand refused to leave the conservatory.

Stay safe everyone. Looks like we’re in for some really stormy weather.

Box heaven

What’s better than a box to a cat? A box full of boxes of food of course!

Dodo was a very happy boy I can tell you. Until I removed the food. Then he went off the box. Hugo on the other hand thought it was amazing and has set up camp in it.

Cat logic huh?! They do make me laugh.