Camp hangover

So yesterday my body ached. Today it was my brain! I woke up feeling decidedly fuzzy. A friend summed it up perfectly – a camp hangover!

Still got the last of the laundry done and dry. Honestly, going away to camp is like going on holiday with a toddler. So much stuff!

It was a lovely day, so I had lunch in the garden. Hugo had made a nest in the border. Every time I tried to get a photo, he came to see me. Not quite the idea.

On the other hand, Dodo was in full pose mode. He’s so handsome. Though I wasn’t quite so keen on him when he brought a mouse in the house. Thankfully for me, it was dead. Not so good for the mouse I grant you.

Now that I’ve cleared up after camp. It’s time to start packing for Champs. At least I’m not competing till Sunday so we can get there at a leisurely pace tomorrow. Fingers crossed everyone!


Feline friend

Buddy made a friend today at the yard. This lovely black cat came to play in the arena with us. Now we all know that Buddy can be a bit hit and miss with new things. So wasn’t sure what he’d make of it sitting in the arena.

But it seemed the cat was more wary of Buddy than the other way round. Made me laugh as we all trotted round together.

Ginger Ninja

Some of you may remember that I had an intact tom cat coming in my house. I was contacted by Lost and Found Cats Norwich who helped me trap him and took him to a foster home where he could be assessed.

He was in a bad way sadly. He’d several broken teeth that needed to be removed. He had a high worm burden which is being treated. And he’s now been neutered.

He’s been in foster care for two months now and he’s come a long way. From being hard to get near to purring. But he’s still got a long way to go as he’s still very scared and shutdown.

Today I went to see him. And for the first time, I got to give him a little stroke. They’ve nicknamed him Ninja.

He’s safe, warm and gets fed regularly. He’s a lovely boy. And clearly had a hard paper-round. I felt dreadful trapping him at first. Given his broken teeth, he must have been in so much pain. I know now that I did the right thing.

Good news, bad news

It’s been a good news, bad news kinda day. But some days go like that, right?! Is that what they mean by balance?

The Buddymobile is back! That’s very good news! Bad news, the bill. But it drives so much better. The mechanic joked I was going to need a crash helmet it would go that fast. He wasn’t kidding, I felt like Ayrton Senna driving back compared to before.

I was meant to be giving blood but bad news, they missed my vein so I couldn’t donate. Good news, I got an email offering me a place at a training camp in May.

Bad news, the weather has turned colder again. My fault, I foolishly changed my duvet to a lighter one. Good news, I have a Dodo shaped hot water bottle tonight.


I really wanted to hibernate this morning when I work up. In fact, Hugo decided that I should stay in bed by sleeping on my chest. At least he made a good hot water bottle.

I can’t say I’m thrilled at the return of cold temperatures. But I am thrilled that The Buddymobile is back. With a new battery, new gas bottle and most of the issues fixed. Apparently he has leaky injectors (whatever that means), so he’ll need to go in for those to be sorted. But at least there should be no need to jump start him every time I want to go somewhere.

After dropping him back at the yard, I walked home with snowflakes swirling around. Grateful that it’s only a short walk. Now thawed out.


I thought I’d go and take a photo of the pretty hellebore in my garden. Hugo came to help. He kept getting in front of the flower and sniffing it. He so reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull. I often find him in the borders sniffing the flowers.

It was so lovely to be able to go out in the garden in the light when I got back from peopling. The nights are drawing out for sure. It’s amazing how much people’s moods have been lifted by the sunshine. Almost everyone who came in today commented on it.

We’re a bit like plants really. We need feeding, watering and a bit of sunshine. Simple really.

Feed me

This is either the face of a cat who’s missed me while I was at work. Or the face of a cat who wants to be fed. You decide?!

Whichever it was, Dodo was very attentive when I got back and fired up the laptop to do some client work.

He really has grown into a rather handsome chap.


I saw this and it made me smile. Buddy and I did that this morning on yet another wind-assisted hack. It’s a good job he’s not that bothered by the wind. Of course a piece of flapping plastic on the ground – terrifying!!

I was feeling slightly jaded after a weird night. Woken up by cat wails in the early hours. Jumped out of bed to find the big ginger cat in my conservatory fighting with a tabby. Assumed it was Dodo and tried to break it up. They both ran out the cat flap and carried on fighting on the lawn. 😱

Dodo is so small next to the ginger Tom, I honestly thought it would kill him. So rushed out there calling and calling as they both ran off.

Came back in the house to get treats to find Dodo sat on my office chair!

I know I was very bleary eyed but I’m still not sure who was fighting in my conservatory!! All I know is my heart rate went up and there was enough cat fur to fill a cushion!!

Why don’t people neuter their pets?! It’s usually caused by intact males. And yes, I’m going to get a trap set to catch the ginger one. Hopefully he’ll be microchipped.

Jump into 2023

Buddy and I had our first lesson of 2023. I was a little apprehensive as our last lesson of 2022 ended with a face plant for us both. I needn’t have worried. Buddy was in good form.

As it was the first lesson, we kept it simple. Still we were flying over a 105cm upright. Buddy found his springs for sure.

Got home and it was time to open the laptop and get back to work. I’ve really enjoyed my time off over Christmas and New Year. It’s been a fab break with lots of lovely people.

Dodo was very happy indeed that I was back at the laptop. He was purring so loudly on my lap.