Harvest giving

After too many nights without good sleep, I did a different meditation last night. One that I know knocks me out. And it did. I got woken up at 4:45am by a freight train going past so got up to shut the window. Next thing I knew it was 10:20am!! So obviously needed it. Woke up feeling rather crumpled and in need of a chilled out day.

I’m coming out of my malaise. Still frustrated about stuff but more accepting of what’s mine and what’s nothing to do with me.

Caught up with some friends this afternoon and came back with a bag of veg. Guess what I had for dinner…. Yup roast vegetables. I do love vegetables!


Puddy pile

I got back from the yard today to find Hugo had found a new sleeping place. He was rather precariously balanced on my saddle pads and dressage saddle.

It reminded me of ‘The Princess and the Pea’. Not sure how comfortable it is, but he seems happy. Not sure he’s going to be happy when I take the saddle pads to the yard and someone buys the saddle. Of course, it might be dead to him by then. Cats tend to be a bit fickle with where they sleep.

Double up

After admiring the beauty of my Double Dragon Amaryllis this morning, this afternoon I got to admire the beauty of a double rainbow.

I got the best night’s sleep in a while so woke up feeling almost normal again. Had to check myself from going ‘all guns blazing’. But did some work. And made it to the yard to lunge Buddy. So that’s good.

Blue skies

What a difference a week makes (and a few good nights sleep). Last week we were confined to barracks due to the storms. Today it was beautiful sunshine.

Think Buddy was as happy as I was to be back out hacking. It’s amazing how the weather can affect your mood. And a lack of good quality sleep. Self-care comes in many guises. This is definitely part of mine.