Eye spy

My black eye is a bit uncomfortable at the moment. It doesn’t hurt as much, it’s just there. It’s started throbbing so I took a break from the laptop and went for a walk.

A few things have happened that have made me feel a bit sad and unsettled. I’ve found that when I get like it, I need to go and ground myself by the water. So off I headed to chat to the ducks for a bit. They’re OK listeners.

Walked past a herd of cows and calves. They were super cute and very curious of me.

Finally I walked back past the yard and watched Buddy sleeping in his field. Brought him in and he stood for ages with his head resting in my lap. I think he knew I needed a hug.

Being outdoors, moving and being with Buddy always improves my mood. So feeling much better for it.


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