Eye spy

My black eye is a bit uncomfortable at the moment. It doesn’t hurt as much, it’s just there. It’s started throbbing so I took a break from the laptop and went for a walk.

A few things have happened that have made me feel a bit sad and unsettled. I’ve found that when I get like it, I need to go and ground myself by the water. So off I headed to chat to the ducks for a bit. They’re OK listeners.

Walked past a herd of cows and calves. They were super cute and very curious of me.

Finally I walked back past the yard and watched Buddy sleeping in his field. Brought him in and he stood for ages with his head resting in my lap. I think he knew I needed a hug.

Being outdoors, moving and being with Buddy always improves my mood. So feeling much better for it.

Childhood comfort

Today was definitely a tomato soup kinda day. It’s always my go to when I need comfort food. It reminds me of being sick as a child, getting back from riding frozen through and generally a hug in a bowl.

It’s been a sad day with two of my closest friends facing losses today. My heart goes out to them both.

Life can be so joyous. And sad all at the same time. Enjoy the ride people.


I felt rather overwhelmed today. It happens. There’s a lot going on. And some days it gets to me. I’m tired after a busy few weeks. So I did when I do when I feel overwhelmed. I went for a walk. Fresh air, the great outdoors and trees make me feel less overwhelmed.

I found a massive oak tree and gave it a big hug. We had a chat too. It looked very old so guessing it’s seen a thing or two. Kinda puts things back in perspective.

On my way back, I saw this message hanging outside someone’s house. Made me smile. If only it was that simple…

Foot hug

Last year, my slippers finally died. I was gutted as they were so comfy. I’ve been wearing winter slipper boots since then, but knew I needed to get some new one. Slightly challenging in Covid land as you can’t try thing on.

Today I found these wonders. Not only do they look funky. They are super comfy. My feet are being hugged right now!

It really is the simple things in life…