Jack and Jill

I had some errands to run so while I was in the car, I headed up to the South Downs for a walk. I needed some fresh air to clear my head. Parked at Jack & Jill Windmill. Somewhere I used to visit a lot but haven’t been to for years.

Jack is the black one in the back and Jill is the white one. They’re both privately owned but cut quite the figure.

I’d forgotten how beautiful the views are from up there. You can see for miles towards London and right out to sea. I could even make out the hospital where my parents are in the distance.

I may have moved away in 2006. And made a home in Norfolk. But Sussex will always have a place in my heart.

Another church

Headed over to Hemblington today to meet up with a very wise woman for a walk and talk. Makes a change for me to do the talking on one of these.

I had no idea Hemblington was so pretty. I’ve seen the signpost, but not checked it out. The church is so pretty too. Tiny. It was open so we looked inside.

Then we sat in the graveyard on the bench and put the world to rights. She helped clear a few things in my head. The past few weeks have been curveball after curveball. I’ve felt a little punch drunk with it all if I’m honest.

Being sat in the sunshine and out in nature helped too. I think I must have been a plant in a former life…


Headed over to Salhouse Broad for a ‘walk and talk’ this morning. I saw this family of swans. I do love swans. They’re so elegant and serene. I’ve made a career out of being a swan – serene on the surface but the legs going like the clappers underneath.

It’s a good skill to have, to keep your head when things aren’t going to plan. I’m trying to bring that to every part of my life.

It seems to be working with our jumping too. We were flying this afternoon in our final lesson before we head off to the Champs. They were ‘a good metre’. Which we know is instructor code for frigging huge.

I filled up the lorry ready for the off on Friday. Only £160 to fill it up! I nearly passed out at the pump. But this could be our only chance to represent our riding club at a Champs. So balls to it! And I love toast…

Afternoon jaunt

Buddy and I headed over to catch up with a friend and her horse this afternoon. It’s always fun to go and ride in a new place. Not sure how far we went, but we we’re out for 1.5 hours.

The stubble looked so appealing but with no real rain for months now, it’s way too hard to canter on. Maybe next year, we can go back for a blast. But this year, we stuck to walk.

We chatted the whole way round. A fabulous way to spend the afternoon. We’ll definitely be back soon.

Eye spy

My black eye is a bit uncomfortable at the moment. It doesn’t hurt as much, it’s just there. It’s started throbbing so I took a break from the laptop and went for a walk.

A few things have happened that have made me feel a bit sad and unsettled. I’ve found that when I get like it, I need to go and ground myself by the water. So off I headed to chat to the ducks for a bit. They’re OK listeners.

Walked past a herd of cows and calves. They were super cute and very curious of me.

Finally I walked back past the yard and watched Buddy sleeping in his field. Brought him in and he stood for ages with his head resting in my lap. I think he knew I needed a hug.

Being outdoors, moving and being with Buddy always improves my mood. So feeling much better for it.

Bad clothing

After the heat of yesterday, today was much cooler. About half the temperature it was yesterday. Welcome to the British Summer!

Yesterday I was too hot to achieve much. Today I felt decidedly unsettled. Bit like the weather I guess. I’m missing riding. I know it’s not even been a week, but riding is my happy place. I miss going for a plod and shooting the breeeze with Buddy.

Decided to go for a walk instead. Guess who forgot to check the weather forecast before they left? Yup this muppet. So I got soaked through. My trainer aren’t waterproof so squelched my way back home.

Walked passed the yard to check on the Boy Wonder. Threw him completely by calling to him from the footpath that runs near his field. Well I guess he’s not used to me being there so will cut him some slack…


Well I don’t know about anyone else, but my brain has been utterly fried today! It’s been so hot! 🥵

A friend and I took her dogs for an early walk through the woods. It was lovely and cool in there.

I tried to work but it was so hot I couldn’t concentrate. So I headed to the shade in the garden to listen to some training and a podcast.

In other news, it’s Buddy 4 – Poultice 0. He really doesn’t want it on. I’ll trot him up again on Monday and see how he is. 🤞🏻

Stompy walk

After a very long day in front of the laptop, I desperately needed some fresh air this evening. It was too late to take Buddy out, so I went for a stompy walk instead.

I love a good stompy walk. It clears the head, gets the blood pumping and the heart rate up.

After all of the rain today, it looked so green and smelt so fresh. Since I last walked this route, they’ve made some changes. This field has been planted with something rather different. Couldn’t work out what it was so will keep checking on it.

Still it’s been a very productive day as I got the magazine I’ve been working on over to the designer. Excited to see the artwork soon.

Back to the land

I saw this great sign today. I’ve often wondered what’s growing in the fields around me. It’s also a great reminder to everyone to respect the fields and stick to the footpaths.

I had to pick my lorry up as it was having done work done. It has sprung a leak. Not ideal as it was in the living. The roof has now been resealed so should be nice and water tight. Good job too as we’re off for our first training camp next weekend.

I’m grateful that I can walk over to get it. After 3 days away at a conference, it felt good to be outside and moving.

Morning stroll

I woke up and felt the need to get out and walk this morning. It was such a beautiful day. I definitely hit my steps today as I ended up being out for 2 hours.

Nature lifts my spirits. I’m so grateful to live in such a beautiful place.