Camp veterans

Back home after another cracking training camp. After watching some of the Badminton XC yesterday I was inspired and intimidated in equal measure. As we headed out this morning, I’d decided that we’d stick to the 60/70s. Well we hadn’t been XC for 6 months. I wasn’t sure if Buddy would remember the drill.

I needn’t have worried in the slightest. He was clearly up for it! After warming up over a couple of 70s, we spent the rest of the time jumping the 80s and finished with a 90.

Couple of wobbles when I forgot to ride. And a terrifying ‘puddle of doom’ before the ditch. Mr Nappy Pants returned at one point, but I’m so much better at nipping it in the bud. Started with a smile and ended with a bigger one.

This afternoon it was grids. It was really hot and we were both flagging. Still we came, we saw, we jumped everything. And that’s no mean feat.

All in all, I’m so happy with my little boy. And I stayed in the saddle all weekend! No unscheduled dismounts for me. Not always the case. I must work out how many training camps we’ve done now…

Think we’ll definitely sleep well tonight. Buddy gets time in the field tomorrow. I have the lorry and my tack to clean. And a huge pile of laundry. Worth it though.


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