Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Back home after a fantastic weekend representing Carleton Riding Club at the BRC Combined Championships.

We’d qualified in the 80cm Senior Team. Now you may remember, we had a bit of a mare at the Qualifiers and got there by default. So I was determined that we would hold our own at the Champs.

This was our second Champs. The first one wasn’t our finest hour. So again, I wanted to show we’re making progress at these big events.

So pleased to report we did! The Team came 10th overall. And we put a score on the board. OK so it was still the discard score but we did good.

Buddy was rather apprehensive and so was I wasn’t sure which Buddy I was going to get. When he had a spook on the way down as someone came out of a port-a-loo, I feared the worst. But after a good warm-up he soon settled and was flying the practise jumps.

Soon it was our turn to go. He was so busy shying at a fence, he took an ages to lock on to number 1. It was a tricky SJ course with 3 planks on a half circle and a bounce!! And lots of twist. I rode him forward with determination and trusted him to jump. And jump he did! We flew round in a fast time and a clear round.

Then it was off onto the XC element. He flew the first two, then had a nappy moment towards 3. I wasn’t having any of it!

We were clear till he slipped coming round the corner and lost impulsion. I know I didn’t ride it well so picked up 10 faults the refusal. Cleared it at the second attempt though. Knowing I’d had a stop, I took my foot off the gas. But he still came home with plenty in the tank!

Absolutely thrilled with my little boy today. It was a huge step up for us and he rose to the occasion. And yes, I burst into tears when we were done.

It’s taken blood, sweat and tears (not to mention the bumps and bruises) to get this result today. Not to mention the training and guidance I’ve received from some amazing trainers. Being away at camp definitely seemed to do the trick.

Now I know he can do it, there are no excuses.

Massive thanks to my wingwoman Sam for chauffeuring us, supporting us and listening to me bang on about how proud I was of Buddy. And to my team mates for making it such a fun weekend. Wonderful to feel so supported by a lovely club.

I know I’m not the best rider and Buddy isn’t the best horse, but today I felt like we were more than good enough to be there.

We shall sleep well tonight.


4 thoughts on “Champs

  1. Congrats on an amazing weekend, I hope you spoiled Buddy for his wonderful performance! Both of you are definitely quite the pair!! 🙂


      1. Things are going pretty good, they just broke ground on my parents new stables and larger arena on Monday, we’re going to board more horses since there’s always a pretty high demand for that around here. I manage that for them part time, but depending how it goes it might be more of a full time spot for me.
        I had my reflexology appointment, and that was quite the experience, my left foot benefited from it greatly, but my bad one not so much unfortunately… I thought that was going to be the case, so it wasn’t a big deal.
        Did you have your Birthday or is that coming up soon?


      2. Oh wow! How exciting! That must be fun. Hard work. But lots of fun.

        I’m glad you got something from your reflexology. Maybe your bad foot needs another session to get used to it.

        It’s Buddy’s birthday today. Mine is on 30 May. So not long now.

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