Horse collective

I’ve had a very horsey day. But not with Buddy. And not riding. It felt rather strange being at Forest Edge without Buddy. He’ll be there for training camps and competitions soon though.

It was lovely to catch up with so many camp friends though.

Today I was driver / groom instead. I still enjoyed myself and learnt lots from watching the lessons. You really do get a different perspective.

This clinic was organised by The British Horse Society. An organisation I’m a member and keen advocate of.

I’m also a member and committee member of Carleton Riding Club. Tonight was our monthly committee meeting. So more horse chat.

I love being part of horse collectives. I’ve met so many people through horses.


Clipboard power

Now those of you who know me well, know I love a clipboard. So this afternoon I was in my element with an A3 one!!

I was stewarding at Carleton Riding Club’s last show of 2022. We started behind, but soon caught up time. And even ended early! I feel that I ran a rather tight ship. Thankfully all of the competitors and horses were happy to be yelled at by me. It seems my voice carries across the warm up rather effectively.

Of course, I’d rather be competing. But this was the next best thing today. Well done everyone.


It was Carleton Riding Club’s AGM tonight. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the club this year. I’ve had some great training sessions with them, attended their shows and even represented them in teams and at the Championships.

Seems they have enjoyed having me around too. Tonight I was awarded the ‘Contribution to the Club’ trophy. For supporting, helping out and generally being a good egg.

Such a lovely surprise to be recognised for something I do willingly. I do love to help if I can.

Comes together

There are many times when I question my life choices. A 4:30am alarm call on a Sunday morning is definitely one of them! Think Buddy was questioning them too when I turned up at stupid o’clock. He looked a little confused to be honest. Breakfast on the Buddymobile made it more appealing.

We were heading off to the Suffolk Equestrian Centre in Bury St Edmunds for RC Arena Eventing. Another new venue for us. And our first time doing Arena Eventing. But not our first time representing Carleton RC.

I wasn’t sure how today was going to go. We haven’t had the best build up if I’m honest. I’d dropped back to 70cm to give Buddy a really confident run. It proved to be the right decision.

After walking the course, I felt really positive about it. There wasn’t anything that I felt would be an issue. But this is Buddy. So anything was on the cards. And there were lots of questions. Including a water splash.

I had to stop watching the early rounds as there were so many eliminations and issues. So I told Buddy we were there to have fun!

He warmed up like a dream. Then when it was our turn, he wasn’t sure about the white barriers or standing in the rain by the ring. In the ring, everything came together! My little boy flew round! Even when he wasn’t sure, he trusted me and stormed round for a clear round, including the 80cm joker fence.

Flew a little bit too much as we were 8 second under the optimum time. Still good enough to take 5th place individually (out of 49) and to help the team take 4th place (out of 12).

To say I came out with tears in my eyes is an understatement. And the biggest smile you can imagine. Days like today are the reward for the hard work, bruises and disappointments.

When it comes together, it’s worth more than gold.

More firsts

Well today has been one of more firsts. Buddy and I made our debut representing Carleton Riding Club. We were in two teams no less! And first time jumping at Geldeston.

First up was Style Show Jumping. I’m going to be honest here, I’d never heard of Style SJ before. Rarely has the word ‘style’ been used in a complimentary way about my jumping. Well apart from being told I’m an elegant faller… So I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

To come away with 6th place was a huge surprise. Especially as it was a challenge getting round the course. Buddy wasn’t feeling jumping this morning. Still we jumped all the jumps (not necessarily first time) and we put a score on the board for the team. Thankfully the other members were much more stylish so the team ended up in 3rd place.

Then onto SJ and the 80cm team. I took a jumping whip with me this time and made sure that Buddy was moving off my leg in the warm up. He was a bit shocked when I gave him a little tap. But was soon flying the practise jumps.

A couple of feral moments in the ring with two run outs and a pole down. Disappointed with it but I know I overrode it. Still we started together and finished together, even when I lost a stirrup and had to jump the double without it.

Another regroup before going back into the second round. A bigger and longer track this time. Oh my goodness, Buddy was so much more confidence. I let it flow and we were clear to the last two. Sadly we had them both down. But I was thrilled to finish on a much better note.

So imagine my surprise when I heard our team won! Again, grateful that the other team members were much better riders and all had double clears. We were definitely making up the numbers today (as both our rounds were the discard score). But that’s OK. We did it!

Sadly I’m now sporting a black eye where I head butted a metal corner in the lorry. That’s definitely not a first for me.…

The power of the clipboard

Today I was helping out at the Riding Club Combined Training. I was on the SJ gate. And joy of joys, they gave me a clipboard. 👏🏻

I love a clipboard. And woe betide anyone who underestimates the power of a clipboard. That simple item bring a gravitas and air of authority.

Needless to say, I was a happy bunny keeping track of everyone.

Got back and told Buddy all about it. He was thrilled as you can see. Freeschooled him and had a play session before cooling him off in the sunshine. I’ve warned him that we are off competing soon. 😊