Bucket list

It’s been a bit of an odd day. After a busy few weeks, it was good to have a bit of clear space. I didn’t really achieve much today other than getting clarity on a few things.

A good friends gave me a new mind journal. So this morning I did one of the exercises. It was to write 100 things on your bucket list…

Jeez, that tested my brain. Sure there were some things I could easily put down. But I really struggled to get to 100 (and still haven’t got there).

There was some guidance to write down some that you’ve already done to tick off. I could have easily done that!! I consider myself very lucky to have achieved so many of my bucket list dreams already. A lovely place to be.

The biggest realisation I had was that I’ve become rather uncomfortable dreaming. I wonder if it’s because the last 3 years have been so uncertain. Whatever the reason, I’m going to keep pondering and I will get to 100 things.


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