Tight ship

This was my office for the day. Stewarding the SJ at Blackwater Farm’s ODE.

I was in heaven! Not only did I have a clipboard, I had a radio too! I didn’t get a hi-viz as apparently I wasn’t a hazard. Clearly they don’t know me well enough….

I got nearly 120 competitors into the ring for their rounds. And ran a very tight ship (the SJ Judge’s words not mine). She was thrilled with how smoothly it ran. It was lovely watching everyone in action.

Obviously I’d prefer to be competing. But without volunteers, these events can’t run. So if you fancy a fun day out, go and volunteer at one. You don’t need to be horsey. All you need is a willingness to learn, a good sense of humour and a strong bladder helps. Oh and you get fed! Winner!!

I’ve been fortunate to compete regularly. So this was my mesh of giving back and ‘paying it forward’.


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