Hidden beauty

I’ve been asked to cover the next few Monday’s at the Chiro’s. It was a rather busy day with lots of changes to deal with. But got to have lots of good chats.

The main topic of conversation was the weather. Well we are British. It was a very lazy wind today. With some bite to it. So different from the mild days we’ve been having.

The other topic of conversation was at what point do you stop asking people about their Christmas. And saying Happy New Year! The jury is very much out on those. Lots of views given.

Spotted this little flower when I was opening up this morning. No idea what it is. But it was a very pretty way to start the day.


Wet Wales

It’s been a very busy day of pre-conference prep. It’s amazing the number of little jobs there are to do.

I was camped out in a conference room with a rather nice view. Unfortunately, it was obscured by the rain. Good job I didn’t get time to leave the building…

Early start tomorrow and another long day. I’m fuelled by caffeine, enthusiasm and conversations. I love the bonkers things I get to do. I really do.


What a day! First up was a trip to Newmarket to pick up the horse from Monday.

When I got back I sorted out the lorry and rode Buddy. Then I had an appointment to have my bars done. That was intense.

Finally stopped off at Lidl to get food. Found these in the freezer section of Lidl. Took me back to Greek holidays. I could quite happily sit in a taverna right now.

I’ll have to settle for chilling on the sofa instead.

Stable relationship

Back home after a fabulous weekend in Warwickshire. Katie and I got through so much work. I’m not sure we stopped talking the whole time too. Super excited about the new few months. I’m going to be a busy girl.

I’ll never be too busy for my little boy though. Just what I needed when I got home. Glorious sunshine, beautiful countryside and a chance to switch my brain off.

And breathe

Finished a bonkers busy day with a chill out yoga class. Feeling totally chilled out indeed.

Not sure what happened to today. It was a blink and you miss it. But still managed to tick loads off my to do list and lunge Buddy before yoga.

Now flopped on the sofa – chilled, calm and utterly zen.

Summer feelings

What a glorious day it’s been. Can’t believe how warm it’s been I’ve had the conservatory doors open all day and still been warm.

Managed to get my duvet and the bedding on the line. Everything toasty dry.

Had a full on day. All good stuff though so the day has flown by. Happy Monday everyone!

Friday feeling

After a long day on the laptop, spending time with Buddy was just what I needed. Wasn’t expecting the rain though. It was so loud on the roof. Very grateful for the indoor school.

All in all it’s been a pretty good week. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend.