I’m a big fan of a cracking photo. Especially one of Buddy in full flight. I’ve bought one or two (hundred) over the years. There’s a reason.

I don’t have many photos of my first horse Mac. In fact I only have a handful. And no footage. I had him in a time where we didn’t record every minutia of our lives. Some may say it was a simpler life. We lived with the jeopardy of sending a roll of film away to be developed. You could get a masterpiece. More likely you’d get a packet of blurry images. We were busy making memories to think about recording it.

So when I bought Murphy, I said I was going to document our journey together. I’m grateful to have professional photos of my horses. And videos too.

When I’m feeling down, I sit and relive the memories we’ve made together. When I’m struggling to see my achievement, I look at the Wall of Fame and I remember I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

So I had to buy this photo from Sunday’s clinic. I really need to work on my jumping face…


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