Cover boy

Well that’s the first camp of 2023 done! And what a cracking camp it was. I’m shattered, but a really good shattered. Buddy still had energy to run round his field.

Maybe he had a sleep on the way back. It’s not like he didn’t do lots today. This morning it was course jumping. We got to practice dog legs too.

Sadly one of the ladies in our group had a fall, so we left the arena early. I’d untacked Buddy when I got a call telling me to go back in the arena to ride the entire course. I’d missed out as I was last to go, after the lady who fell.

Very quick tack up and back we headed. Buddy was a little confused. It’s a good job we’re used to competing. Quick warm up and off we went round the course.

After lunch, we had our final flat work lesson. This time it was no stirrups – in walk, trot and canter! Then canter serpentines with simple changes. Finally we had a go at flying changes. It’s amazing how far we’ve come with our flat work. Shows that hard work pays off.

All in all a very successful camp. I came way with more knowledge, exercises to try and a photo!

Now we know I love a photo. But I bloody LOVE this photo. Wonderful thing is that I didn’t know she was taking it. The photos from our shoot are just stunning.

But that’s for another day. As is the camp washing! Is it bed time?!



I’m a big fan of a cracking photo. Especially one of Buddy in full flight. I’ve bought one or two (hundred) over the years. There’s a reason.

I don’t have many photos of my first horse Mac. In fact I only have a handful. And no footage. I had him in a time where we didn’t record every minutia of our lives. Some may say it was a simpler life. We lived with the jeopardy of sending a roll of film away to be developed. You could get a masterpiece. More likely you’d get a packet of blurry images. We were busy making memories to think about recording it.

So when I bought Murphy, I said I was going to document our journey together. I’m grateful to have professional photos of my horses. And videos too.

When I’m feeling down, I sit and relive the memories we’ve made together. When I’m struggling to see my achievement, I look at the Wall of Fame and I remember I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

So I had to buy this photo from Sunday’s clinic. I really need to work on my jumping face…

Photo proof

I was a bit wrung out today after yesterday’s event. Spent the morning cleaning out the lorry, doing the washing (mostly his) and getting ready to head off to a training camp tomorrow. Found his XC boots, so they are now back where they live.

I’ve had a chance to process the goings on yesterday. Let’s face it there was a lot to process. I’m getting my head round it now. I’ve seen that most people in my section had dressage scores in the 40s. So I don’t feel quite as bad about it. Still don’t feel it was a fair score for our test, but can’t change it now.

The rest I can work on. I know where we can improve. There were improvements on last time. We stepped up a level. It’s not going to go right straightaway.

And I did get a lovely photo. Always a bonus. Another one for the wall of fame. To remind me we can still achieve things, even in the face of adversity, the deck stacked against us and the blistering heat.

Think Buddy is good with the height. Just needs to pick his feet up. 😂 Is it me or does 80cm look tiny?!

Keep moving

When you’re dancing around the garden and you accidentally take a photo. 🤦🏻‍♀️

After a dressage lesson last night, a show jumping lesson this morning and a few hours in the garden, it’s a bit of a surprise I’ve got the energy to dance around. Music really does get me moving though. It’s been ages since I had a good dance.

Takes me back to my clubbing days…