The Rescuers

Today has been one of my more random days. I got an early morning SOS from a friend asking to borrow me and the Buddymobile. She needed to urgently move some furniture. It reminded me of the Disney film ‘The Rescuers’. I used to love that film.

I found out today that I would make a good removal person. It’s amazing how much I can get in my little lorry. I also found out that some roundabouts are poorly designed for lorries. Managed to clip a curb and pulled a bit off the lorry. Stuck it back on with some tape – ever practical!

I got my rewards for helping today though. I had lunch bought for me. On the way back, I went to Tesco’s to put some diesel in the lorry. When I arrived at the pump it said it was doing a price update. So I waited fearing the worst. But it went down by 2p per litre.

And when I dropped my lorry off for fixing, it was chucking it down. So I was given a lift back to the yard to pick up my car. Very kind of them. Today may have been random, but it’s been a good one!


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