Comes together

There are many times when I question my life choices. A 4:30am alarm call on a Sunday morning is definitely one of them! Think Buddy was questioning them too when I turned up at stupid o’clock. He looked a little confused to be honest. Breakfast on the Buddymobile made it more appealing.

We were heading off to the Suffolk Equestrian Centre in Bury St Edmunds for RC Arena Eventing. Another new venue for us. And our first time doing Arena Eventing. But not our first time representing Carleton RC.

I wasn’t sure how today was going to go. We haven’t had the best build up if I’m honest. I’d dropped back to 70cm to give Buddy a really confident run. It proved to be the right decision.

After walking the course, I felt really positive about it. There wasn’t anything that I felt would be an issue. But this is Buddy. So anything was on the cards. And there were lots of questions. Including a water splash.

I had to stop watching the early rounds as there were so many eliminations and issues. So I told Buddy we were there to have fun!

He warmed up like a dream. Then when it was our turn, he wasn’t sure about the white barriers or standing in the rain by the ring. In the ring, everything came together! My little boy flew round! Even when he wasn’t sure, he trusted me and stormed round for a clear round, including the 80cm joker fence.

Flew a little bit too much as we were 8 second under the optimum time. Still good enough to take 5th place individually (out of 49) and to help the team take 4th place (out of 12).

To say I came out with tears in my eyes is an understatement. And the biggest smile you can imagine. Days like today are the reward for the hard work, bruises and disappointments.

When it comes together, it’s worth more than gold.


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