I see ewe

Another first for us today as we took a trip over to Ickworth Park for a XC lesson. My sat nav decided to take us on the most convoluted route possible and right through the middle of Bury Sy Edmunds. That got a few looks from passers-by I can tell you.

Arrived later than planned so had to do a speedy tack up and get on. Good job I can tack up fast!

Once onboard, we headed out to our lesson. Buddy was a bit eyes on stalks to start off with. But soon got into the swing of things. Thankfully he doesn’t have an issue with sheep. Cause they were everywhere!!

After a steady warm up, and a stirrup length adjustment, we headed out onto the course proper. Something clicked! And I don’t mean my back. The new strirrup length meant I could get my leg on and control the canter so much better.

There was lots to look at. And the sheep were another obstacle at times. But I really felt like we got our XC mojo back!

Came back with the biggest smile on my face!


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