Wacky Races

The Buddymobile needed to go into the garage today. As the garage is about a 40 mins drive away, I needed a lift back. So Colette followed me in The Comedy Car.

Let’s face it neither of my vehicles are designed for speed. But it did make me laugh seeing The Comedy Car in my wing mirror.

It reminded me whacky races as we drove along. I do love both of them though. You can’t help smile in both.


And flop

I had another full on morning at the Chiro’s. Cause I haven’t done enough hours this week! I’m still going, but boy am I really tired now.

I went to see Buddy. He was more interested in his hay than me. Well he did say hello. He was more enthusiastic on the lunge I can tell you. He really does make me smile.

I’ve finally flopped. Feeling slightly jet-lagged now. Early night tonight me thinks.

It’s been an incredible week!

Testing times

The world feels rather odd again. Lots of uncertainty about. Changes afoot. And confusion around. I’m getting used to it as it feels like a bit of an undertone for the past few years.

The parental tag-team is on again. My Dad is poorly at the moment. So all healing vibes gratefully received.

One thing that never changes is the smile Buddy puts on my face. Especially after popping some jumps in the Autumn sunshine.

I see ewe

Another first for us today as we took a trip over to Ickworth Park for a XC lesson. My sat nav decided to take us on the most convoluted route possible and right through the middle of Bury Sy Edmunds. That got a few looks from passers-by I can tell you.

Arrived later than planned so had to do a speedy tack up and get on. Good job I can tack up fast!

Once onboard, we headed out to our lesson. Buddy was a bit eyes on stalks to start off with. But soon got into the swing of things. Thankfully he doesn’t have an issue with sheep. Cause they were everywhere!!

After a steady warm up, and a stirrup length adjustment, we headed out onto the course proper. Something clicked! And I don’t mean my back. The new strirrup length meant I could get my leg on and control the canter so much better.

There was lots to look at. And the sheep were another obstacle at times. But I really felt like we got our XC mojo back!

Came back with the biggest smile on my face!

Cat’s Day

So today is International Cat’s Day. How cool is that?! As you can see Dodo is completely overwhelmed by it all. Hugo is camera shy as he can’t deal with the attention. 😝

I’ve had cats most of my life. I really can’t imagine my life without them. My current two make me smile every day. I know lots of people aren’t a ‘cat person’ but I definitely am.

Cottage garden

I‘m a big fan of a cottage garden. But never felt like I was a good enough gardener to achieve it. Today as I walked out of the conservatory, I felt like I’d achieved it a bit.

It’s looking really good at the moment. The geranium is glowing and such a vibrant colour. And the foxgloves are massive this year.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Bog monster

Buddy fully embraced his Irish breeding with a well-deserved mud pack roll in the sunshine. Seems appropriate as it’s St Patrick’s Day.

He definitely earned it after a cracking jumping lesson this morning with Lewis from Neric Equestrian. The improvement on our last lesson was marked. So were the heights as ‘Whack ‘em up Palmer’ was on full form.

We were flying 1m+ jumps by the end. Put the biggest smile on my face. Even with an unscheduled dismount. When it’s good, my goodness it’s good!! Need to get out to a competition and put it all into practise.

Storm off

Right, this is getting ridiculous. How many frigging storms does one week needs?! Four is a bit much in anyone’s book (and apparently it’s now in the history books too).

It’s at time like this, I’m very grateful that we have an indoor school at the yard. But if I’m honest, I’m fed up with getting soaked, nearly blown off and frozen through.

And apparently we have more storms to come. 🤦🏻‍♀️

At least I can guarantee that Buddy will make me smile.