Headed over to Salhouse Broad for a ‘walk and talk’ this morning. I saw this family of swans. I do love swans. They’re so elegant and serene. I’ve made a career out of being a swan – serene on the surface but the legs going like the clappers underneath.

It’s a good skill to have, to keep your head when things aren’t going to plan. I’m trying to bring that to every part of my life.

It seems to be working with our jumping too. We were flying this afternoon in our final lesson before we head off to the Champs. They were ‘a good metre’. Which we know is instructor code for frigging huge.

I filled up the lorry ready for the off on Friday. Only £160 to fill it up! I nearly passed out at the pump. But this could be our only chance to represent our riding club at a Champs. So balls to it! And I love toast…


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