I had a meltdown today. I’m overtired from not sleeping in the heat. My brain has been whirling recently too. There’s so much scaremongering again. It’s all doom and gloom. Yes, I’m a positive person, but it’s getting to me as well.

So I had a meltdown. I’m fed up of whatever crisis we’re on this week. I’m fed up of it being too hot, the ground being too hard, there being no grass, everywhere looking so brown and partched, things being cancelled (again), prices going up (again). It’s all a bit pants. The world feels very odd again. It reminds me of when we first went into Covidland (and we were all going to die).

There’s so much good in the world. So many wonderful things that we can do. So after my meltdown I wrote out everything that’s in my head and I feel lighter as a result. Whatever happens, I’m going to be OK.


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