Log burner hog

Flip is hogging the log burner. Don’t blame her to be honest. I have log burner envy. Compared to my tiny twig burner, this is a beast. And packs out a lot of heat! I’ve needed that after the freezing temperatures of today.

She’s snoring so loudly! But I’m not complaining as she kept me warm last night too. It was -5 when I got up. And there was a really thick frost.

Wonder if we will get snow before Christmas?



Today I knuckled down and ticked lots of things off my to-do list. I’ve had a busy few weeks, so felt like I was behind with lots. Having said that, I had promised myself a bit of an easier month in August.

The heat has almost forced my hand as I’ve really struggled to maintain my usual pace in it. My brain hasn’t wanted to focus either.

Today I felt like I was firing on a few more cylinders. And finished my working day feeling like I’ve made a dent in stuff.

Took Buddy out for a leg stretch after his busy week too. One of the advantages of being the boss is that I get to decide when I work and when I play. Well, most of the time…

Sometimes it’s more works. Sometimes it’s more play. I think that’s called balance.

Light and shade

Gosh it’s been hot again today. I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s getting a bit tiresome now. I’m really, really, REALLY hoping the rain they’re forecasting next week arrives. We desperately need it right now.

Still the heat has given me time to catch up on a few podcasts. The kittens joined me in the shade while I listened to them.


The Buddymobile failed its MOT last week so I’ve had a nervous few days while it’s been fixed. Picked it back up this morning after being sorted and retested. Such a relief. Though I will be eating bean on toast for a bit…

I’ve had my little lorry nearly 3 years now. And I bloody love it! I smile every time I take it for a spin.

It got a new admirer today as a woman stopped me at the petrol station to ask if it was for sale. She said it was just what she was looking for. We got talking about horses, as you do.

Typically I can’t go anywhere as it’s too hot to travel Buddy right now. He seems to have adapted to the hot weather much better than I have. Today I found I’d empty the recycling bin in to the garden waste bin. Not a clue when I actually emptied the recycling bin.

Roll on cooler days and my brain firing on all cylinders again.


I had a meltdown today. I’m overtired from not sleeping in the heat. My brain has been whirling recently too. There’s so much scaremongering again. It’s all doom and gloom. Yes, I’m a positive person, but it’s getting to me as well.

So I had a meltdown. I’m fed up of whatever crisis we’re on this week. I’m fed up of it being too hot, the ground being too hard, there being no grass, everywhere looking so brown and partched, things being cancelled (again), prices going up (again). It’s all a bit pants. The world feels very odd again. It reminds me of when we first went into Covidland (and we were all going to die).

There’s so much good in the world. So many wonderful things that we can do. So after my meltdown I wrote out everything that’s in my head and I feel lighter as a result. Whatever happens, I’m going to be OK.

Melted kittens

I think I’m adapting to the heat slightly better than the kittens. After taking Buddy out for an early morning ride, I got home to find Hugo wailing round the house.

He spend most of the day in the office with me in front of the fan. Dodo has been hiding in the borders. There’s definitely been a cooling breeze out here.

My laptop seemed to be hotter than I was today. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been hot, but not unbearable. Or maybe I’ve just found a way to keep my office cooler.

Hugo has discovered the joys of the shade lounger. As soon as it was in shade, he staked his claim and isn’t moving.

Bring on cooler weather and hopefully a big thunderstorm to clear the air.

Bad clothing

After the heat of yesterday, today was much cooler. About half the temperature it was yesterday. Welcome to the British Summer!

Yesterday I was too hot to achieve much. Today I felt decidedly unsettled. Bit like the weather I guess. I’m missing riding. I know it’s not even been a week, but riding is my happy place. I miss going for a plod and shooting the breeeze with Buddy.

Decided to go for a walk instead. Guess who forgot to check the weather forecast before they left? Yup this muppet. So I got soaked through. My trainer aren’t waterproof so squelched my way back home.

Walked passed the yard to check on the Boy Wonder. Threw him completely by calling to him from the footpath that runs near his field. Well I guess he’s not used to me being there so will cut him some slack…


The kittens have made a nest in the border. It’s a great way for them to keep cool in the heat we’ve had. She says as it’s chucking it down. That’ll be my fault. I put the shade sail up. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Hugo makes me giggle. He’s found his voice in recent weeks. He’s proper chatty now. Think he’s going through the awkward teenage stage as it’s a little squeaky. Hard to take him seriously…


Sometimes I question my life choices. Sometimes I don’t. Today has been an example of both.

I questioned my sanity somewhat at lunchtime as I decided to mow both lawns. It was a tad warm to say the least. I’d left the front lawn to ‘No Mow May’. That proved some challenge given the rain we’d had. It was very long.

This afternoon, however, I’m loving the choice I made to help a friend out and take her and her son kart racing. My inner petrolhead is out in force. I’d love to get in a kart right now and go for a spin.

Forgotten just how much I love motorsports.