Cat magnet

It seems my reputation as a cat magnet proceeds me. Not a clue who this cat is. But it came out to greet me as I walked up to see Buddy. And followed me up the road.

Speaking of cats, I didn’t have the best start to the day as Dodo interrupted breakfast with a snack of his own. He came through the cat flap with a baby bird in his mouth. Managed to rescue said bird and put it in a box in the shed while I looked up what to do with it.

Went to check on it and the box was empty. I searched the shed but no sign of it. Started to question my sanity when it flew past me and out of the door.

Feeling like I’d done a good thing, I headed off into the house. Only for 10 mins later to see Dodo ‘playing’ with it on the lawn. Sadly it was cat 1 – baby bird 0. 😔

At least I tried…


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