Jump around

Took Buddy over to World Horse Welfare today for a jumping lesson with Judith Barker. She’d set up a grid and a mix of show jumps and XC-style ones too.

Buddy was on very good form. And Judith said she could see improvements from our last lesson. So that’s good.

After a well-earned sausage roll and coffee (me not him), I went for a wander round to see some of the residents. These two cuties got lots of scratches. They’re so tiny compared to Buddy.

Winter is definitely on the way. I had to break out the ‘big dressing gown’ and over trousers earlier. And lit the fire tonight. The kittens and I are toasty on the sofa. It’s funny cause in the Summer I hardly see them.

Cat magnet

It seems my reputation as a cat magnet proceeds me. Not a clue who this cat is. But it came out to greet me as I walked up to see Buddy. And followed me up the road.

Speaking of cats, I didn’t have the best start to the day as Dodo interrupted breakfast with a snack of his own. He came through the cat flap with a baby bird in his mouth. Managed to rescue said bird and put it in a box in the shed while I looked up what to do with it.

Went to check on it and the box was empty. I searched the shed but no sign of it. Started to question my sanity when it flew past me and out of the door.

Feeling like I’d done a good thing, I headed off into the house. Only for 10 mins later to see Dodo ‘playing’ with it on the lawn. Sadly it was cat 1 – baby bird 0. 😔

At least I tried…

Rescue mission

This poor little chap somehow managed to get trapped in my greenhouse today. Poor thing couldn’t work out how to get out and was flapping about. The kittens were rather interested in it all – thankfully they couldn’t get in.

After a lot more flapping and me ushering it towards the door, off it flew. Not a clue what type of bird it is, but hope it stays safe.