Resting isn’t lazy

I woke up feeling quite down this morning. I’m tired, drained and a bit overwhelmed. So I cut myself a bit of slack and retreated to the conservatory. I sat cuddling the kittens and watched the clouds go by. I had a good cry as well.

Things aren’t where I want them right now. I’m doing my best. It’s exhausting some days. Running your own business takes so much energy. Supporting my parents took a lot out of me too. I’m spinning so many plates right now, it’s understandable I’m feeling a bit spent.

So today I rested. The powers that be decided that I shouldn’t be alone as a good friend rang the doorbell. And she brought me a taste of Scotland. Just what I needed.

I’m learning that resting doesn’t mean I’m lazy. It means I’m getting my energy back so I can go again.


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