Definitely feeling my late night today. Got back from London at 1:30am this morning. So didn’t get the best sleep as I was wired from a brilliant day (and a midnight McDonalds).

Woke up feeling rather jet-lagged if I’m honest. We’re heading towards the end of the year and I’m feeling it. It’s been another really busy one. The last few years have been really challenging for me. And full on in so many ways.

It seems that so many people I speak to are feeling the same. Tired, exhausted and drained are three words I hear a lot.

But I truly love my life. And am grateful for the experiences I’ve had along the way, the people I’ve met and the memories made.


And flop

I had another full on morning at the Chiro’s. Cause I haven’t done enough hours this week! I’m still going, but boy am I really tired now.

I went to see Buddy. He was more interested in his hay than me. Well he did say hello. He was more enthusiastic on the lunge I can tell you. He really does make me smile.

I’ve finally flopped. Feeling slightly jet-lagged now. Early night tonight me thinks.

It’s been an incredible week!

Devil in the detail

I’m a little cross eyed tonight after checking the magazine I’m working on. The brain is amazing as it sometimes sees what it thinks should be here – not what actually is there!

Makes the job rather challenging I can tell you. There’s a reason why it’s a skill!

Thankfully I have other people checking it too. I did a virtual face palm on some I missed.

Still, it’s coming together nicely. Off to print soon. Another big tick!


I think someone missed me. He’s been a limpet since I got back. Long journey back as there was an incident near the Dartford Tunnel.

One thing’s for sure, I’ll be looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Good tired

I have to admit, I’m a tad tired today. But a really good tired. The kind where you know you’ve done good stuff. I love driving but motorway driving can be tiring.

It was such a gorgeous day that I could resist heading down to the yard to ride. I’d missed his little face. He sniffed me all over so guessing he missed me too.

The kittens were like shadows today. They’d barely left my side. It’s nice to be missed.

Resting isn’t lazy

I woke up feeling quite down this morning. I’m tired, drained and a bit overwhelmed. So I cut myself a bit of slack and retreated to the conservatory. I sat cuddling the kittens and watched the clouds go by. I had a good cry as well.

Things aren’t where I want them right now. I’m doing my best. It’s exhausting some days. Running your own business takes so much energy. Supporting my parents took a lot out of me too. I’m spinning so many plates right now, it’s understandable I’m feeling a bit spent.

So today I rested. The powers that be decided that I shouldn’t be alone as a good friend rang the doorbell. And she brought me a taste of Scotland. Just what I needed.

I’m learning that resting doesn’t mean I’m lazy. It means I’m getting my energy back so I can go again.

Halloween hangover

So it appears I am channelling vampire tendencies again. Got a few odd looks today as a result. The trouble is that I totally forgot about it. Till someone mentions it.

Not a clue what causes it, but I can get them when I’m over tired. The last few weeks (months / years) have caught up with me a bit. Feeling rather tired today. So looking forward to an early night. Not very vampire at all.

Halloween was so last month…. Normal Pip service will be back soon.


Day 2 of camp and another brilliant day. In fact the whole camp was bloody brilliant! Yes, I’m a little overtired and emotional. Let’s just say we will both sleep well tonight.

Two brilliant lessons today. Out on the XC course this morning. Buddy was flying! He’s definitely got the hang of running and jumping. 👏🏻

We jumped 80s and 90s today. And a few we hadn’t jumped before. Got ‘save of the day’ too. I was not coming off. Especially in the water!!

This afternoon we finished with grids. I bloody love grids! So does Buddy it seems.

I’m over the moon with the progress we’ve made in the past few years. We’ve come a long way since our first camp.

It was also brilliant catching up with everyone. And meeting new people. Till the next time…