After our best day at camp, this wasn’t quite the way I planned to finish it. Sadly my little lorry broke down on the way back. Thankfully was able to limp to a garage and didn’t breakdown in the contraflow on the A47.

A wonderful friend came to rescue Buddy. My main concern was that he was OK. Bless him he was such a good boy walking off my lorry and onto hers in the middle of the busy forecourt.

I can’t fault NFU Mutual. They were brilliant. Kept me informed every step of the way and checked that we were both OK.

The BP staff were the same. Even giving me a free hot drink while I waited for the recovery lorry.

The same can’t be said a few of the next door McDonalds customers who made their feelings known about choice of parking spot. It wasn’t like I had much choice?!

Buddy and I are both home safely and that’s what matters. The lorry can be fixed. And we had a brilliant time away.


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