Back at Badders

It’s been wonderful being back at Badders today. The house looked at spectacular as I remembered it.

Up early to get there in plenty of time, the sat sav said we were due to arrive at 8:45am. We actually got into the car park at 10:45am having sat in traffic for 2 hours to go the final 5 miles.

I was gutted to miss the Lucinda Green XC Academy meet up. I’d been looking forward to meeting people I’ve been speaking to for over 2 years. But it wasn’t meant to be today.

The ground was heavy and very muddy. It was definitely a work out walking the course. I walked 7.1 miles over the undulating ground. The XC course was proving to be a very testing track indeed. The scoreboard made interesting reading at the end.

Now on the way home. Feeling tired, aching but very, very inspired!

Next year I’m determined to be there for the duration. Bring it on…


2 thoughts on “Back at Badders

  1. I took your lead and have my first reflexology session booked for this Wednesday, and I’m kind of really looking forward to it. The place is in Columbus, and I already discussed my situation with them, she thinks it’ll be beneficial, so fingers crossed! 🙂


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