Easter Rider

Buckle up people, this could be a long one. Buddy and I headed over to Blackwater for a spot of SJ as it was Carousel’s show. I’d entered the 70cm and 80cm – all good training for the Champs.

It struck me as I was driving there. Buddy has only ever jumped in the grass ring as part of an ODE. So doing two rounds in that ring would be a new thing for him. My aim was to have fun and see how it went. It’s only our second jumping competition of the year.

Buddy warmed up slightly feral. His allergies are back so he was throwing his head around a bit and tanking off round the collecting ring. Still he was flying the practise jump and felt really good.

Not sure how, but I managed to miss the course walk again. I think I was tacking up. It’s definitely one for me to work on. It was another twisty turny course with some interesting lines. But seemed to be riding OK.

Soon it was our turn and we entered – me determined, Buddy anxious. Tried my best to stay calm and keep him the same. Positive Pip was in full force as I coached him the entire way round. Still I got a few more fans who commented on how wonderful it was to hear me chatting away to him in such a positive manner. Even when it didn’t go to plan.

We ended up on 16 faults. But to be honest, I was thrilled to make it round the whole course!!

Bit of a breather till the 80cm. Buddy was in heaven being able to munch on the lush grass.

Eventually we headed back for the next class. This time, I’d had a serious word with myself. And Bartholomew, my chimp who’d come out to play. He was firmly put back in his box. And it seemed that a bit of grass and Buddy was much more willing to listen to me. He warmed up nicely this time.

We popped one last practice jump before we headed into the ring. I didn’t realise someone had put it up to 90cm! So we were both a little surprised when we came round the corner.

In the ring, it was a much calmer and fluid affair. I brought Buddy back to trot when needed as I’d decided to go for a slow and steady round. Imagine my surprise when we finished with a clear round!

There were only two clear rounds in the class. And the other one was by a 5* eventer on a young horse. I’ll take that any day!!

Can’t tell you how chuffed I am. Buddy isn’t the easiest horse to ride. And I’m not the best rider. But today it came together in a wonderful way.


6 thoughts on “Easter Rider

      1. Yes, we had a wonderful day thank you! Now that our weather has been a lot warmer I’ve been riding almost daily. Today I’m trying to plan out my vegetable garden and what all I would like to plant this year. Decisions – Decisions!! LOL


  1. This year I’m going with tomatoes, bell, jalapeno, and Tabasco pepper’s, cucumbers, beans, onions, carrots, and lettuce. If I have any extra space, I might add something else. I also want to plant some pumpkins for Halloween, but I do that in a different area.


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