Leg stretch

After all of the travelling yesterday, I wanted to give Buddy a good leg stretch. I read somewhere that travelling a horse an hour is equivalent to them walking a mile.

I make sure that Buddy has plenty of road trip snacks. I imagine it’s what it must be like going anywhere with a toddler. He definitely gets hangry sometimes. I’m less good at remembering my own road trip snacks. But I’m making progress there.

For a long time, he barely ate when travelling. Now he barely stops. He can be quite forceful with his haynet. He has been known to undo it and accidentally throw it across the lorry. He’s so funny cause he just stands there starring at it.

He felt very good today. Striding out with the wind in his mane. But then it could be that he was eager to get back to his hay. He’s a typical Irish Sports Horse aka Labrador of the horse world.

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